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    I know you don't want to spoil your book but what you posted so far is very confusing. I may have some advise though. People won't have any idea how to draw for you with no information, and if you just want any picture of the mane 6 or princesses that's not hard to find but you need artist permission. What you can do is look around DA find a picture that you think fits and ask the artist if you can illustrate your story with it. If they say no keep looking and try some more. If you never get anywhere you may have to commission artwork but to do that you'd have to be at a point where your able to give a detailed description of exactly what you want. Anyway, good luck. Also I think you'd need to be able to post passages before titles could be suggested.. unless you just want other ways of saying "The Sign". Similarly people would probably need to know something about your OC before making anything interesting related to him so you'd probably have better luck after the point where it's okay to tell about it.
    Also what do you mean by you're going to make a movie out of it? How do you plan on doing that? I hope you realize that something like that would be an exceedingly long project. o-o I know some nice animation tutorial videos but even short films take a long time to make.

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