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    Figure I've got enough characters to where it's worth having one of these, so here we go.

    Toaster Repair Pony:

    Me! Basically ponified me, used for voicing my own opinions, and talking about real life stuff. Plus whatever else I feel like. Uses this text.

    Discord Eris:

    Not an OC, obviously, and if you're on here, I assume you're fairly familiar with him, so I won't waste your time with any descriptions. He's my go-to character, and I generally use him in the forum games. Uses regular black text like this.

    Edit: Gender swapped again. Thanks Arcana...

    Taffy Warmheart:[​IMG]
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Earth Pony
    Hometown: Dodge Junction
    Occupation: Repairpony
    Appearance: Light olive coat, brown mane and tail with purple streaks, Hazel eyes. Black Spanner silhouette for a cutie mark.

    Bio: Taffy likes to see how things work, and repair them. She's received no formal training as such, but seems to have a knack for her work; she can figure out how most anything works just by looking at it. One day the Flim Flam brothers came to her town and she improved the efficiency of their machine; she was sad when they was run out of town.

    Only really used in one RP at the moment, but she might turn up on the forum games; if she does, I'll be using this colour text.

    (credit to @Skoffee for the great artwork!)

    Age: 21 (+1000 years in a timeless prison realm)
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Zebra
    Hometown: Urjiimalkaa
    Occupation: Alchemist & healer
    Appearance: White and black striped coat, short black mane and tail with white streaks, Green eyes. Stylised pestle and mortar for a cutie mark. Carries a Babel bird.

    Bio: Born and raised in Urjiimalkaa, a town on the banks of the Rutubaqua river in the Zebra homeland, Xarame is a member of the Carnilia tribe, and was taught by her mother in the art of Alchemy. Unfortunately, Xarame's town elders splintered from the larger tribe over the conflict between Celestia and Nightmare Moon, believing the later to be sacred, and going to great lengths to defend her. Ultimately, the result of this was that Xarame learnt a lot more than she should about dark magic, and she and her entire township were sent to a prison realm. She has only recently escaped, and is still trying to find her place in the unfamiliar world she now finds herself in. Luckily, she has her new family to help her with that...

    Mr. Owl:
    Age: However old a baby owl is; like, 8 weeks?
    Gender: Male
    Breed: Owl
    Appearance: Tawny owl chick

    Bio: Hatched like any other owl, shortly after fledging he was touched by the Mad God, and gained sapience and telepathy, but was cursed to be pulled from realm to realm.

    Mr. Owl is one of the many beings Discord can be replaced by if booped. Appearing in forum games, he speaks thusly:
    "Hoot hoo-hoo hoot-hoo."
    (His meaning in these brackets.)
    Evil Toaster:
    Age: 203
    Gender: Male
    Breed: Toaster/AI
    Hometown: Big Mountain Research Labs
    Occupation: Evil Genius/Murderer of toasters
    Appearance: A retro front-loading toaster

    Bio: A regular toaster, given sapience by Dr. Mobius, and since 'acquired' by Discord, the Evil Toaster remains the one toaster Discord cannot fix; possessed of a fierce desire to destroy, he is infuriated by the limitations of being a toaster.

    Also might turn up in forum games. "Speaks like this, SOMETIMES SHOUTS!"

    Well, that's all I've got for now. I'll try and keep this updated, for anyone's who's actually interested, and I may try and get illustrations for the rest of the characters, if I can trick someone into drawing them/get around to drawing them myself.
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