Unus Annus: Momento Mori - *Quickly Built* Unus Annus Fighting Game

Discussion in 'Creative Art' started by Tyro D. Fox, Sep 1, 2020.

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    Hello there everyone,

    When we had around 130 days left of the channel, I started work on a slightly ambitious idea: a game based on the YouTuber Boxing episode, thinking that it might have looked a little better with some dedicated software or something.

    The idea of this is to be a little project for anyone else interested in adding their own characters to this game. I'm a programmer, not an animator. I could never make this look all that great so I designed the game to accept custom character data which is (hopefully) relatively simple to put together. I tried to get us all started with a somewhat basic Unus and Annus fighters but again, not the best animator.

    My other issue is that I planned to make this and get it ready on 100 days. That didn't happen because of life outside of this project. I can't spend too long on assets without also getting it out to people so they can mess around with it.

    Link: unus-annus-momento-mori-master.zip

    Github Link: TyroTheFox/unus-annus-momento-mori

    The game is built in Phaser 3, the code is free and open to be messed around with and the point is to be a little like a very simple MUGEN, except for the boxing rules they had in that episode. Instructions on getting it up and running is in the readme.

    If you have trouble getting the game running, try running 'npm install' in a terminal inside the folder when downloaded.

    I hope you guys like it. Thanks.

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