War is hell! OC's are welcome :D

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    In the midst of the war between ponies, the resistance fights on against Discord's rule. Celestia is dead, leaving Luna in charge.


    Be mature, or act your age :I

    OC's are welcome, but don't make them too op

    Romance is allowed, clop is too... but try to make it... Realistic?

    Player sheet VVV


    Cutie mark:

    Race: (Alicorn, Stallion, Mare, Colt, Filly, Griffon, Minotaur, Draconequus*)

    Gender: (Male, Female)

    Other: (Horn, Wings, Earthpony.)
    *Note: If you want to be a draconequus, you can't be evil, sorry :I*

    Sorry, I'm new as well :c, so I have no idea how to do this, will you help me? :)
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