White House takes first steps to tackle censorship

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    In light of recent events with the Christchurch attack and the petition to use that blatant terrorism as an excuse. The White House out right refused to sign the petition due to it desiring a increase in banning hate speech/extremism. However other countries have considered the petition and The EU is one of many who have agreed to signing it, despite American Government's protest against it.

    To add on to this. President Trump has commissioned the launch of a website which allow those affected by social media censorship to tell their stories directly to the president and let him know what censorship has done to them. If enough people post to him about how wide spread this issue is. It may finally give President Trump a leg to stand on in the case of fighting for Free Speech, by attacking Tech Giants whom are purposefully censoring innocent people and egregiously violating the first amendment.

    Both the website and article are linked above below the video.

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