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  • Summer Solstice
    Hi everypony! I'm new to and my name is Summer Solstice, an alicorn (yes I KNOW alicorn OCs are lame) that suddenly appeared after Celestia and Luna disappeared... make a guess IMG_0445.PNG
  • Heartfelt Furret
    Hello folks! My name is Edwardo Heartfelt Furret or at least, that's what you can call me.
    As you could probably tell, I disappeared for ages, regardless of the fact, that I just joined the website.

    There are reasons for this and as they're not really not personal to me, So I feel like I should be honest.

    Recently, I was preparing for the Halloween break at my school, I have a tendency to take up as many roles as I possibly can during school projects and events and their was a lot of events leading up to Halloween, so I had a lot of work to do especially if you consider I also do 8 Higher Level subjects in school and have heavy loads of Homework, I didn't truly get much time to rest during this time and the time I did get was very small, so I had to choose what I wanted to do and what I didn't. In the end, Everypony didn't take priority other things did like Video Games and Art.

    Once Halloween break was on, I had to study for 8 Semi- MOCK tests as one of my Teachers called them as a joke, these were all in my Higher Level Subjects. This meant my Halloween break was spent studying, Yet again, I didn't have much leisure time and yet again, Everypony was not the priority during the time I had.

    Now, that I've taken my test and had my results given, life shall return to normal and I should have more free time. With this Extra free time, I've decided to chat about things on the Internet; How Riveting! And as such, Everypony has now become apart of my life again. I hope this explains my Absence and I plan to be as active as possible from now on.

    Love ya!
    Edwardo Heartfelt Furret.
  • Poisonous Nightmare
    It's weird. I'm happy to have friends on here. I'm even happy to know that people don't mind me and that I've gotten fairly well known on here. But something is still nagging me. I'm bothered with the fact of how I would seem to newer members. We all have been there, being greeted by members that have been on a forum longer than you. They seem a bit imposing, like if you would mess up that they would yell at you...

    I feel that way when I greet new members or see them around the forum. Like my presence is one of the few that is imposing to new comers. I guess it's kinda silly but I do worry about these things because I care. I care that new members feel comfy being the same forum as me. That's why I try to be more friendly to newer members whenever I can get a chance. I don't wanna look like someone that is scary to try and talk to. Nor do I wanna come of as one of those high and mighty types that act like new members are peasants compared to them. I hate members like that.

    Maybe I am compassionate enough to give new members a chance and see if they are willing to stay. I don't try to shun people, even though my cynical nature will kick in with strangers. I've been trying to make an effort to be nice and show that I care, even to those that have been here longer and around the same level as me. I guess that's how I think with forum communities...

    *sigh* I'll be quiet now.
  • Mister Asmodeus
    Totally said I would do this, then forgot. Just a quick rundown of all the users who have a character in the banner, so the new kids all know who's kings around here, yo. And in an effort to keep us from ever being nameless horses atop the site. >~>
    @A Jewel of Rarity
    @Crimson Lionheart
    @Mister Asmodeus
    @Ridley Wolf
    @Rockout E. Stringer
    @Toaster Repair Pony
    @Tyro The Fox
    @Queen Cerali
  • Poisonous Nightmare
    A number of things have me ticked off. The two most pressing things involve a stupid idiot setting of the fire alarm in my apartment complex, and the second thing involves a issue that happened here. It's a resolved issue, but it's left the person affected feeling rather down. I feel a mixture of things. None are happy emotions for sure. Let's see: Sadness, Anger, and the best one... HATE. Not sure what I'll do from here, but I just hope that @saberscratch88 will be alright. None of that anger or hate is directed at him.

    I hope everypony else has a good day... I'll try to make mines better. The keyword is 'try'...
  • Poisonous Nightmare
    Due to recent events as of late. I feel like my affections on the Last to Post thread type, is being kinda spat upon. No member names will be given for the reason of not spreading any hate. I'll be honest though. While I've adopted a Chrysalis persona on here, I'm not heartless. I'll openly admit I am a bit cynical and I have issues with trust around strangers, but I am friendly and rather affectionate to those I see as a friend. My affection is mostly due to me being apart of the furry fandom. With furries, we are very affectionate and we do hug and cuddle a lot. Go ahead and say it. I'm a fur *squee!*. I could careless.

    Anyway, the affection caries over and it's not something I can shut off at will. I can only restrain it for times it's not needed. the last time I checked, being affectionate wasn't an offence on here. Meh, whatever. I'll just cease posting on the Lost to Post thread types since I doesn't seem my affection is wanted there.

    Have a good day everypony.
  • Autumn Petal
    I'm sorry but I just got out of the Hospital...I tried to commit suicide...Bullying is so hard...but now I'm going to change this blog so I can give everyone support for anyone that bullied or suicidal because i don't want anyone to go though what i did....If you want to know i took my sisters sleeping pills with alcohol....I went to the hospital I'm OK....But now i'm going to address bulling
  • Na11
    So no one has posted since Nov.15 eh?

    I am just making this post to fill up the blog and inspire you to make your own, and if you don't i just will add my posts and become queen of EP blogging!:blink:
  • wolfeTheSnowWolf
    Ive seen people complain about others being a wolf. Wolfs are Natures angles. They wish not to be harm to people. and they also wish NOT to BE harmed . there pure happieness for those who cant see what their ment for. their very pretty....And they take my stress . I wish to live with the wolves . I wish to be a wolf . their not just some furry beast with fleas and bites people!:angry:Their wonderful to some people......and HELPS OTHERS LIVES!!!! so if you got a problem with people being wolfs then don't talk to me AT ALL
  • LunarShield
    okay so i agree with @Posioness Nightmare's blog posting. if Prince of the Night banned what's to say i haven't screwed up too? I have been super careful since returning here but i might have screwed up too. So i'm going to be offline a couple of days ... maybe. But if any current online staff member can inform me of the reasoning for his Banishment i can talk to him via e-mail to correct the problem. And if i have screwed up and will be banned again may i please have a fair warning via e-mail please.
    Thank you!
    Also in a later post i shall have a favor to ask any website designer on EP.
  • LunarShield
    so im home at last here on EP i feel different and open MLP Forums just wasn't the same so in some famous words by some guy:


    I look forward to a long happy stay full of old and new friends!

    P.S. As soon as i get used to the new EP i shall be updating my Character Sheets for new and old OCs.
  • Matthew DePointe
    Hello. My name is Matthew DePointe. And today, I'm going to show you a side of me that can only be described as ... zaniness. My chicken hat and I will do all the explaining in the following video.

    A billion bits to you,
    Matthew DePointe
  • Flutter_shy_steph
    You know it would be nice to see who views our blogs, whether its actual members or guests. I would love to know who took time out of their lives to read my blog. I know one of the staff members will be able to add that sometime soon, hopefully. I'm sure a lot of people would like to know besides knowing when someone comments on their blog. Okay well I'm done! XOXO
  • Mister Asmodeus
    Might come off as a bit sappy. I'm also very bad at saying things like this. Please bear with me.
    I realize I haven't been here a very long time, but that shouldn't make me any less right in what I'm about to say. My time here has, thus far, been an extremely positive experience. I was in something of a down-in-the-dumps mindset when I joined up. In person, there aren't many circles where I feel extremely welcome, even within my own family. This place, however, seemed to welcome me with open arms.
    I'd name a few people that specifically come to mind, but eff it, you all do. Anyone I've had a conversation with. You've all made me feel like I belong here. I've yet to meet anyone here I don't genuinely like, and I have a hard time warming up to most people.
    So I know I've only been here a few months, but unless I die, you can expect me to remain for years to come. That's what was on my mind this afternoon.

  • WG101
    well I would just like to say that this new site layout is good but a little confusing if you are used to the old layout. maybe there should be an option to switch from the new layout to the old layout so it doesn't get confusing.