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    I watched Rainbow Rocks earlier today with my friend Josh Thomas you can expect a review from me on either Monday or Tuesday, most likely Monday.
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    I know that Rainbow Rocks comes out today and a large amount of people on here will watch it today but I won't be able to watch it today or tomorrow however I found out that it will also be playing on October 4, October 5, October 11 and October 12 and I will be watching it on one of those days so that I can watch it with a friend of mine.
  • RunDevilRun007
    Slow day for Equine News today. Only got two episodes out. Reports on:

    Brony Fan Fair shutting down:


    And the new Build-A-Bear Princess Celestia plushie:

  • RunDevilRun007
    Today was an interesting day in the world of pastel Equine News. I reported on:

    The Hub Network officially changing to the Discovery Family Network:


    Dollar General selling MLP Christmas cups before ****ing October has even begun:


    And Proper Q&A Etiquette:


    Stay tuned for more Equine News!
  • RunDevilRun007
    Today on Equine News I report on the release of the Equestria Girls 1 Soundtrack:


    The recently released live action commercial for the new Rainbow Rocks dolls:


    And The Hub Network shutting down:


    Stay tuned for more news!
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    Sorry for my lack of activity lately, my interest in both the show and fandom has not stopped or changed in any way shape or form but I promise that today marks the day of my return.
  • ndogmario

    this is something I've been wondering for a bit.

    ‚ÄčI might do more questions like this.
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  • Tyro D. Fox
    Sunday was slower. We found fun stuff to do but it was definitely slower. And that's not just because of the Monopoly.

    Yes, Monopoly. My Little Pony Monopoly. With Speed Rules.

    I was almost entirely cleaned out in around 10 to 15 rounds. Foxy was able to sit relatively comfortably, especially after she got control of my stuff because I had entirely given up, handed her the whole of my lot for twenty then loudly begged for financial ruin. After all, several players controlled dangerous parts of the board while I sat on most of the greens for most of the game. Every other player could have easily flushed me out at any time. I'm amazed my suicidal streak lasted for another two or three turns as I attempted to throw myself against every hotel I could find.

    Once dead, Foxy trundled into a comfortable 3rd place. Enjoyable, yes. But when you're trying to play this quiet, brooding game in the same place as a concert blaring music over the top of us. It's...not the best placement for the little tournament but we muddled through.

    Still, before the reckless funk of Monopoly, there was me playing the MLP Collectable Card Game.

    Again, I deeply enjoy this game but I'm not certain my decks are 100% perfected when I decided to join in for a nice scrap. I think I'd got it in my head that a large, bloated deck would be a good idea as I could prepare for everything.

    Ha! No...If anyone plays this two, don't do this. It's stupid. Very, very silly to do unless you know exactly what you're doing. By Magic/Loyalty deck would often paralyse itself, despite my best efforts to counteract it simply because my magic cards outnumbered by loyalty ones. And you generally need two colours to be able to fight effectively.

    But I learned my lesson and chopped out plenty from it. It's much, much better now.

    For the rest of it, I caught a short rant about Pipsqueak's irritation with the wall used in the Harry Potter movies as the gateway to Platform 9 3/4 when he thought it was a ticket machine. That was pretty fun.

    Otherwise, we tried out the Anime League Dance Machine.

    They have definitely added stuff. Like a bizarre, Wario-Ware Inspired Mini-Game fest where you use your feet to control each game. Everything from shooting arrows, to balancing turtles to launching into sudden rap battles. Very cool idea but I feel like me and Foxy needed a little more practice before we could play it even half way competently. And I barely play DDR anyway, so it's just raising my skill from nothing to two left paws.

    Otherwise? We just hung around till the end. Me, Foxy and Zac plus a friend of Zac played games until the closing ceremony. Always fun, in my opinion. Just card games and bad impressions. Just as it should be.

    Am I glad I went? Totally!

    Will I go again? Totally! I think I need to figure out a better method of getting there but it was otherwise excellent.

    And that's roughly it from me. I hope those who turned up to our thing had fun. And to those who won our prises, I hope they give you many happy hours, reminding you of your moment of glory.

    Byesy bye! I need to mummify myself in my bed covers and sleep for a week.
  • Tyro D. Fox

    The Premier Inn Bed has come to our rescue again.

    Ohhh...Oh, how wonderful. My poor paws...

    Early start; we got up and wandered in to the Convention Hall at about 8 am. Why? Because they asked us to. Did we have to? Not in the slightest. It was utterly pointless as we wouldn't be doing ANYTHING, till the afternoon.

    So...We messed around with Karaoke. You know what? The 'My Little Karaoke' thingy is pretty awesome! It effectively works as Singstar but, obviously, with various Pony related songs. The selection seems to be incredibly vast, ranging from community stuff to official songs that's joined by the accompanying video behind it. It's a very, very enjoyable experience and maaaan, was it expertly deployed at this con.

    In fact, it was so popular, the motion controlled super impressive toy thing was completely ignored the entire time. It was just a massive crowd for the all Brony choir around this one TV.

    One more note: try looking up Flutterwonder. Now try and sing along.

    Yeah. Impossible, right? Yeah! Why is it in their Karaoke song list?! It's almost entirely gibberish!

    So, then we tried out the 2nd Edition of BUCK Legacy.

    Now, I love the first edition. In fact, I'm ordering my own as soon as I can. I'll give a proper review when I've had a decent chance to play with it but the main things are tweaks to various characters, dungeon effects and dungeon cards. Heck! Even some more weapons and items to play with. It's just that little bit better.

    And...Oh! That box artwork, man!

    It's not exactly out yet so trying to find a picture isn't too easy...

    Then, it was us. Our Super Smash Bros Tournament. We had a large pile of pony prizes, a Gameboy pocket, a plushie Tepig and some weird food for people to try and win. Like Fish Fingers and Custard chocolate. Or the Red bottle of Brainwash...

    You know what? It was just so much fun!

    I don't know how but we got some incredibly talented players turn up. Guys like Taro from Anime League, who ripped apart the entire competition. The guy was able to defeat two of our competitions in their entirety. He might have taken the Game Boy too if he wasn't disqualified for not turning up.

    Then there's guys like Sheep, or Star (Who won last year actually) and just...uh...It was just so damn fun! Just in talking to all these people. Everyone that turned up, I think we just generated fun. Just...just like a perpetual motion machine of enjoyment! I cannot fathom how much I loved talking with you guys, messing around and hearing every joke we shared. Bad or terrible...or worse.

    Plus, Neo Shadow Zac in the flesh! Dude, you have a pretty awesome cosplay of Vinyl Scratch. Complete with Laser Pen Dubstep Gun for extra eye damage! Still, I get to mess around all day tomorrow.

    My voice is shot. My paws ache. My brain barely woiwdjijedm.fdsaf..d..f....

    Huh! Sorry...I think I need to, um.....nnnnnn.....
  • Tyro D. Fox



    Now that the internet in our hotel room is working and I no longer have Mic the Microphone giving story time while I'm trying to frantically peck out a blog response, I can give you something a little more in depth than...Well, a tiny, quick little thing.

    So, me and my good friend Foxytail have managed to get all the way to Manchester in England in order to run the Super Smash Brothers Brawl tournament. Which is basically awesome-sauce.

    Effectively this. Hey! I'm running on bacon and 5 hours of sleep in a bus! Cut me some slack!

    So, our journey started at about 11pm in London. We walked and then trained our way to the Coach station, where we climbed aboard after a long wait then sat down. About two hours later, we'd watches a Top Gear special, the true source of the Nile had been found and we figured we ought to get to sleep. I mean, we wouldn't get to any sort of at all for a good, solid 5 hours after we arrived in Manchester. Sleep would be a very, very good idea.

    I managed to sleep. Foxytail did not. Because Foxytail had the smart idea of showing me this:

    It looks like a Simulation of Fursuiters trying to use Skype in the dark but you need to play it to see just how effective this is.

    And it disturbed her during the night because ohmygodthatgamearetheyrightbehindmeIjustwanttohideaaaaaaaaahhhh!

    I can't blame her, I'm amazed how I managed to sleep at all. What with the eyes...and those teeth...

    Blllaaagh! Sorry. Shivers. Anyhoo!

    We arrived. We got some bacon for breakfast then headed over. There, we got our wristbands, packing up the stuff and then just sitting in the guest room.

    I decided to make a little post. Afterall, I've gone and done this two years running, why stop now?

    Then? THEN! We slept. By Celestia's Sainted Undercrackers, the beds at Premier Inn are lovely and plush. It's like they have it down to a fine art. I'm sat in it fight now, cuddling up to my Fluttershy plushie. It's wonderful. Tonight is going to be incredibly comfortable.

    So, then! Summer Sun Celebration. And here, I have to admit, I'm not heavily into the music side of the fandom. I dunno, I like the artwork, the games, the writing but not all of the music. I guess it's because my tastes never really left the late-80's/90's Rock scene...Bizarre but true. Still, what I saw was as impressive as always. It was flashy, fun and very ravey!

    ...We kinda set up the Wii in the guest room and played Smash Bros. Just me, Foxy, Cheesy Burger and anyone else that wandered through the room. I had my arse handed to me over and over. I...I think I'm just damn exhausted. However, Foxy's a beast on this stuff! That Kirby...Just watch out!

    Otherwise, we just wandered around. We got to meander into the musician's room, pratted around with a glow-stick laiden Shawnnnnnn and checked out the venders for this weekend. You know what? These guys look fantastic! Pillows, incredibly expensive plushies, pillows, t-shirts, toys! You name it, they've got it, apparently! It's early but this has started off on a really good hoof. Or paw, if you prefer.

    But yeah...BUCK feels very different. We've never been shoved together with all the musicians and artists before. It's nice, we get to actually chat to them for once rather than just pass them every so often at random times throughout the day. Even better is the Access All Areas we seem to be getting this year. OK, OK; it's a little childish but it's mildly fun to just flash your wrist and breeze past the staff with ease. It's the little things, sometimes...

    Anyhoo, after an evening of playing and turning glow sticks into chains...because I don't know, we cavorted home. And then I started writing a blog post. And it started about...ah, I'm too tired for this recursive crap...
  • Tyro D. Fox

    So, me and Foxy have landed at BUCK in Manchester. Currently, I'm in the Guest Room. I think Tombstone is working hard on something behind me, there's stories on Speed Running filling the air and there's not a piece of paper that someone hasn't doodled on. Some look pretty cool and some are kinda, sorta, a little bit unprintable here. There's the sewing of wigs and enough fast food packaging to drown in.

    So, the first thing I need to say is that BUCK's gotten muuuuuch bigger this year. I mean, they've gone from The Bridgewater Hall to Manchester Central next door. So, it's somewhere around twice as large. I don't think there's the entire building on display tonight but when you have a converted train station for a massive party, you can't help but feel like the convention is trying bloody hard to give events like Galacon and Bronycon a bloody nose. Everythings been bumped up.

    The size of the place is one thing. So is the organisation. It's like they've got polo-wearing sentries everywhere. Then there's the stalls and things. Good lord, this place is packed with shops. There's plushies, plushies, t-shirts, cards and plushies. I like plushies, OK?

    I have my Fluttershy tucked up in home, watching Dave.

    Then there's the game stuff. We've got our home gaming stuff and our prizes which look pretty good. And then there's Anime Leagues stuff. Good lord, they've got Karaoke and Computer Witchcraft.

    Still, we have a Dreamcast. Haha!

    Anyway, just checking in. I'll talk to you again soon.

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    I'm back on after being banned two years ago although I had to create a new account as you would probably suspect.