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  • Summer Solstice
    Hi everypony! I'm new to and my name is Summer Solstice, an alicorn (yes I KNOW alicorn OCs are lame) that suddenly appeared after Celestia and Luna disappeared... make a guess IMG_0445.PNG
  • Heartfelt Furret
    Hello folks! My name is Edwardo Heartfelt Furret or at least, that's what you can call me.
    As you could probably tell, I disappeared for ages, regardless of the fact, that I just joined the website.

    There are reasons for this and as they're not really not personal to me, So I feel like I should be honest.

    Recently, I was preparing for the Halloween break at my school, I have a tendency to take up as many roles as I possibly can during school projects and events and their was a lot of events leading up to Halloween, so I had a lot of work to do especially if you consider I also do 8 Higher Level subjects in school and have heavy loads of Homework, I didn't truly get much time to rest during this time and the time I did get was very small, so I had to choose what I wanted to do and what I didn't. In the end, Everypony didn't take priority other things did like Video Games and Art.

    Once Halloween break was on, I had to study for 8 Semi- MOCK tests as one of my Teachers called them as a joke, these were all in my Higher Level Subjects. This meant my Halloween break was spent studying, Yet again, I didn't have much leisure time and yet again, Everypony was not the priority during the time I had.

    Now, that I've taken my test and had my results given, life shall return to normal and I should have more free time. With this Extra free time, I've decided to chat about things on the Internet; How Riveting! And as such, Everypony has now become apart of my life again. I hope this explains my Absence and I plan to be as active as possible from now on.

    Love ya!
    Edwardo Heartfelt Furret.
  • Poisonous Nightmare
    It's weird. I'm happy to have friends on here. I'm even happy to know that people don't mind me and that I've gotten fairly well known on here. But something is still nagging me. I'm bothered with the fact of how I would seem to newer members. We all have been there, being greeted by members that have been on a forum longer than you. They seem a bit imposing, like if you would mess up that they would yell at you...

    I feel that way when I greet new members or see them around the forum. Like my presence is one of the few that is imposing to new comers. I guess it's kinda silly but I do worry about these things because I care. I care that new members feel comfy being the same forum as me. That's why I try to be more friendly to newer members whenever I can get a chance. I don't wanna look like someone that is scary to try and talk to. Nor do I wanna come of as one of those high and mighty types that act like new members are peasants compared to them. I hate members like that.

    Maybe I am compassionate enough to give new members a chance and see if they are willing to stay. I don't try to shun people, even though my cynical nature will kick in with strangers. I've been trying to make an effort to be nice and show that I care, even to those that have been here longer and around the same level as me. I guess that's how I think with forum communities...

    *sigh* I'll be quiet now.
  • Mister Asmodeus
    Totally said I would do this, then forgot. Just a quick rundown of all the users who have a character in the banner, so the new kids all know who's kings around here, yo. And in an effort to keep us from ever being nameless horses atop the site. >~>
    @A Jewel of Rarity
    @Crimson Lionheart
    @Mister Asmodeus
    @Ridley Wolf
    @Rockout E. Stringer
    @Toaster Repair Pony
    @Tyro The Fox
    @Queen Cerali
  • Disappeared
    Have you ever wanted to hear an Austistic Irish Kid rumble about stuff?,
    why showing you his everyday life?

    Well than what are you doing still reading this?, I don't know either, you do you I guess.

    But yes, either today or tomorrow I will start a Blog just like that, So be hyped, get ready, and Let's have a CRINGE!
    a Rumble of a time.
  • LunarShield
    okay so i agree with @Posioness Nightmare's blog posting. if Prince of the Night banned what's to say i haven't screwed up too? I have been super careful since returning here but i might have screwed up too. So i'm going to be offline a couple of days ... maybe. But if any current online staff member can inform me of the reasoning for his Banishment i can talk to him via e-mail to correct the problem. And if i have screwed up and will be banned again may i please have a fair warning via e-mail please.
    Thank you!
    Also in a later post i shall have a favor to ask any website designer on EP.
  • Bronycoin
    Let me tell you about the feature that's needed on EveryPony.

    So you create a thread for RP or other reasons,

    Somebody then posts something that you consider off topic to your thread, wouldn't you like the ability to delete or edit that post???

    This is the power of self moderated threads,

    the site still needs admins to control thread content, that they consider hurtful to the site, but the users who post threads have the option to post a self moderated thread, we're they can control replies from other users.

    I took it upon my self to find the needed addon for XenForo forums, though XenForo is now closed I believe, so might be best to upgrade completely.

    here is the addon required so users can create self moderated threads =
  • Matthew DePointe
    Hello. My name is Matthew DePointe. And today, I'm going to show you a side of me that can only be described as ... zaniness. My chicken hat and I will do all the explaining in the following video.

    A billion bits to you,
    Matthew DePointe
  • Flutter_shy_steph
    You know it would be nice to see who views our blogs, whether its actual members or guests. I would love to know who took time out of their lives to read my blog. I know one of the staff members will be able to add that sometime soon, hopefully. I'm sure a lot of people would like to know besides knowing when someone comments on their blog. Okay well I'm done! XOXO
  • WG101
    well I would just like to say that this new site layout is good but a little confusing if you are used to the old layout. maybe there should be an option to switch from the new layout to the old layout so it doesn't get confusing.
  • Hero Mode
    My mom bought me a Rarity plushie today.
  • Hero Mode
    I'm not very far in the show yet but OMG it's hilarious, sure it can be vulgar and inappropriate but I still really enjoy it a lot regardless.
  • Hero Mode
    After a month I finally finished Deadman Wonderland, it was darker, bloodier and more vulgar than most Anime shows that I've seen but I still enjoyed every moment of it regardless.
  • Hero Mode
    Twilight To The Rescue?

    Mere moments after getting Sunsarity's message Princess Twilight responded to it "Sunsarity I've gotten your message I'm not sure what I can do to separate you or if I even can but you can rest assured that I will try my hardest to do so, me and Spike will be coming through the portal in a few minutes, be sure to tell me where Rarity lives so that I can come to your house,

    Signed your friend Princess Twilight."

    Anyway Sunsarity sent Princess Twilight another message telling her where Rarity's house was located and she arrived there after stepping through the portal in a very short period of time.

    When Twilight arrived at Rarity's house she was greeted by Rarity and Sweetie Belle's parents who led her upstairs to Rarity's room.

    Twilight said upon seeing Sunsarity in person "Wow so that's what you look like now."

    Spike told both of them at the same time "I don't know I kind of like her this way."

    Sunsarity told him "Well I don't, I would like to be separated again."

    Twilight then realized as she thought to herself outloud "Wait a minute if those ear rings you're wearing are what combined the two of you into one person then maybe you'll separate if you take them off."

    Sunsarity then said "Of course why didn't I think of that?"

    Anyway Sunsarity took off her ear rings only for nothing to happen.

    Spike then said "Well that didn't work."

    Twilight then thought to herself for several minutes before saying "Hmm I know maybe I could try studying these ear rings maybe I can figure out what makes them work and why taking them off didn't separate you."

    Sunsarity then asked "How are you going to do that?"

    Twilight then told her "I know I'll tell your parents that I'm temporarily going back to Equestria to research this fake illness that Sweetie Belle came up with, I'll even write down notes to make the whole researching your illness thing seem believable, but in reality I'll be figuring out how these ear rings work."

    Sunsarity told her "Ok I'll be right here waiting for you to come back."

    Twilight then told her "Don't worry I'll be back and so will Spike."
  • Hero Mode
    The Birth of Sunsarity

    One day a pair of Potara earrings appeared in the human world, one of them appeared in Sunset Shimmer's room at her house and the other appeared in Rarity's room at her house.

    Rarity put one of the ear rings on her left ear while Sunset Shimmer put the other ear ring on her right ear.

    Mere moments after doing this they were pulled together out of their houses towards each other, when the bodies of Rarity and Sunset Shimmer collided with each other they wound up fusing with each other, now the two people or in this case one person and a former pony turned into a person became one person.

    When this new being looked into a mirror she noticed that she had Rarity's blue eyes, half of her hair was Rarity's indigo hair while the other half was Sunset's red hair with yellow highlights in it, she had half of Rarity's gray shirt while the other half was Sunset's magenta shirt with a picture of her pony version's cutie mark on it, she also had half of Rarity's purple mini skirt with three blue diamonds on it that looks very much like her pony version's cutie mark back in Equestria even though this isn't the same Rarity from Equestria however the other half of her mini skirt was Sunset Shimmer's orange mini skirt with white, pink and purple streaks on the side however she also had Rarity's purple boots as well.

    Upon seeing this the brand new being screamed in horror not because two people have become one person but because both her shirt as well as her mini skirt was completely mismatched in terms of matching colors.

    This new person called Sweetie Belle in the room "Sweetie Belle darling could you please come in the room please", however after she got done speaking she realized that it sounded like Rarity and Sunset were talking at the same time."

    As she was coming upstairs Sweetie Belle asked "Why does it sound like you and Sunset are talking at the same time?", but stood there completely silent at this brand new person who was standing right before her.

    After several minutes of silence Sweetie Belle asked "What's going on here, who are you anyway are you my sister Rarity or Sunset Shimmer, I can't tell?"

    The new person who hasn't decided on a name for herself yet told Sweetie Belle "That's just it I can't tell either, I was going to write Princess Twilight about this to ask her what might have happened but not even I know, oh Sweetie Belle please tell me what to do and also what to call myself."

    Sweetie Belle thought about it for several minutes and said "Hmm well half of you is dressed like Rarity and even has Rarity's hair but the other half of you has Rarity's hair and is dressed like Sunset, so how about until we figured out what happened let's call you Sunsarity."

    Sunsarity told Sweetie Belle "Sunsarity huh, that does have a nice little ring to it doesn't it, ok Sunsarity it is, but just one more thing."

    Sweetie Belle asked Sunsarity "What is it Sunsarity?"

    Sunsarity asked her sister "I'm still going to ask Princess Twilight for help and everything but how am I going to explain this to our parents and even more importantly how can I possibly go to school like this?"

    Sweetie Belle then told Sunsarity "I guess I'll just tell mom and dad that you're sick today and then they'll call the school and tell them the same thing."

    Sunsarity then asked Sweetie Belle "Ok but what if they come and check on me, I mean I don't know how I'm going to explain this to them?"

    Sweetie Belle thought about it and told Sunsarity "Oh I know, I'll tell them that you caught a illness from Equestria and only Princess Twilight can come here to heal you."

    Sunsarity said as she went over to hug Sweetie Belle "Why Sweetie Belle darling that's brilliant, It's too bad that I can't tell if we're still related while I'm like this."

    Sweetie Belle told Sunsarity "I'm sure we still are I mean after all you're half Rarity right so I guess this makes you my half sister."

    Sunsarity then told Sweetie Belle "I just hope that Princess Twilight can find a way to separate us, so that I don't have to stay this way."

    Sweetie Belle told Sunsarity "I'm sure she will, bye Sunsarity, I'm off to school now."

    Sunsarity was about to write in Sunset Shimmer's magic book in order to write to Princess Twilight back in Equestria but then she realized "Oh no Sunset's book, I mean my book is back at Sunset's house, I guess I'll just have to sneak out of here to get it, It's a good thing Sweetie Belle is covering for me, I just hope that noone else see's me while I'm doing this."

    Sunsarity managed to do this without getting caught or noticed and snuck back into her room back at Rarity's house.

    Sunsarity then wrote to Princess Twilight as she talked outloud what she wrote "Dear Princess Twilight I know this will sound strange but this isn't really Sunset Shimmer writing to you nor it is really Rarity, you see somehow two ear rings appeared in our houses and when we put them on somehow we both became one person, Sweetie Belle is covering for me, I told her to cover for me by telling our parents that I'm sick and that I've caught a illness from Equestria that only you can cure, of course this is not the case but I really don't want anyone to see me like this, but anyway can you please come over here to find a way to separate back into two separate people,

    Please come and help signed Sunsarity.