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  • CRBWildcat
    Just wanted to throw this out there for the few of you who might be interested in this sort of thing. I can't recall if I've talked about this before or not, so just to make myself sure I'm going to take care of this now.

    Gormless is my own attempt at writing in the MLP: FiM: EG-U. It's less an attempt at something good and more an experiment; I wanted to try and figure out just how I, as a 14-year-old (with the lack of experience and know-how that implies, along with a possible case of Asperger Syndrome) at Canterlot High, would've dealt with pre-redemption Sunset Shimmer. My first blog post here at EP has a few more details, so you can check there if you'd like.

    See, it's one thing to say that you'd know how to outlast her attitude, or to say that you wouldn't put up with any nonsense from her and derail her schemes without issue. The problem with that is that more often than not, we're looking at things from an erroneous perspective. If you've long since graduated from college and/or high school and attained some level of wisdom, you at least have the benefit of hindsight. If you're of high school age and you say those things, then realistically you're just setting yourself up for a serious fall: it's been my experience that teenagers believe wholeheartedly that they can do no wrong, then something happens to take the wind out of their sails. Either way, the plot has been done to death.

    On the other hand, Puma Claw is not only winging it through life and trying to make it from one day to the next without anything catastrophic happening: he really has no idea what he's getting into. And he's not afraid to admit it, either.

    On the off-chance you feel like reading it, then the story can be found below. My mind is flaky and slow at the best of times, though, so don't expect regular updates.


    P.S. - For anyone who doesn't get the story's description at FiM, it's basically the theme song from the old Clueless TV series with the lyrics re-written to fit Puma.
  • CRBWildcat
    The next in a line of odd fanfiction ideas.

    Simply put, Yukari Yakumo---who's apparently an old acquaintance of Celestia---gets in contact with her and suggests an exhibition match: a select team of ponies versus a select team of humans and youkai.

    What kind of match? Magic duels? Spellcard matches? Nope. Neither of those.


    See? Told you it was odd. I don't have the lineups in front of me (they're at my laptop at work), but I'll try to post them and my rationale behind some of the choices at a later date if possible.

    The idea for it was inspired by this Touhou animation that Spotty Ren at Youtube threw together a little while ago.

  • CRBWildcat
    I've got a couple of MLP fanfic ideas brewing in my brain. I don't know if anything's going to become of them, or if they'll just get chucked into the back of the fridge for who knows how long. Thankfully their only real expiration date is when I expire, so they'll still be good no matter when I eat them. Hopefully.

    I've written a little bit in all three, but I'll refrain from posting any of them here.

    IDEA #1

    First up is... a one-shot crossover. Well, sort of. It's supposed to link up with Dragon Ball Z Abridged, but it doesn't feature any of the cast we know of from there.

    The story takes place at least a full decade (with emphasis on at least) before the start of FiM Season 1, and during Season 2 of DBZA. The ponies' homeworld is discovered smack-dab on the border between Freeza and Cooler's respective territories, and a lone grunt/scientist is dispatched on a suicide mission to determine whether the world is valuable enough to be purged for resources. As a side plot, the story would also focus on how Derpy gets her Cutie Mark.

    IDEA #2

    Second up is... another one-shot crossover. This one's with the in-progress video game Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

    The story takes place during the Season 4 finale. Tirek has just gotten done absorbing all of Twilight's collected magic, but this triggers a failsafe in Equestria itself that summons a Chicken Man Man from the depths of the planet. Thus distracted, Tirek doesn't notice the Mane Six and Discord escaping, dismissing them completely until after his new foe is defeated---and is wiped out by Rainbow Power as per canon.

    After everything settles down, Twilight conducts a brief investigation of where their temporary ally came from and the intentions of the being that created it, and that is that. I don't have it planned out much further than that, sadly. :confused:

    IDEA #3

    This one is a self-insertion set in the EG-verse, before and during the events of the movies.

    *sound of browser tabs closing*

    And I wouldn't blame you in the least, but hear me out on this one.

    As a kid in high school and college, I wrote my fair share of SI fanfiction. As you'd expect, they typically depicted me as having some sort of ability that was unique to me, or else would make me superior to the protagonists in some fashion or another. Towards the end of my college years, this mindset started to die down; and in recent years, it's reformed into something a bit different.

    In the story---tentatively named "Clueless in Canterlot High"---my character would've started school there a full year before the events of the first EG movie. As a freshman he has no idea what's going on, has nothing really special about him, and has problems of his own to deal with---with the bulk of them revolving around pre-redemption Sunset Shimmer, along with everything that entails. Essentially, the story would deal with how a guy with zero impact on the overall plot and a mind that's unfocused at the best of times would be able to last in that environment from day to day.

    And that's pretty much all I have. Again, I don't know how these'll go, but I guess time will tell, won't it? Ciao mein, everyone, and I'll see you in the funny pages.

    -- Curtis Wildcat
  • Disappeared
    Have you ever wanted to hear an Austistic Irish Kid rumble about stuff?,
    why showing you his everyday life?

    Well than what are you doing still reading this?, I don't know either, you do you I guess.

    But yes, either today or tomorrow I will start a Blog just like that, So be hyped, get ready, and Let's have a CRINGE!
    a Rumble of a time.
  • Crimson Lionheart

    Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has currently become my own little obsession as of late. And good god, what an adventure that I got myself into. Literally every single episode is built upon the other like a building block, and further enhances the emotion that comes with it to new heights. There’s power, there’s passion, and there’s prestige in virtually every single moment the show brings. Flamboyance without looking idiotic, actions without pretense. JJBA was never meant to be designed to be complex nor complicated to watch, but the show is so ridiculously enjoyable to tag along with the adventure that it doesn’t really matter. This is going to be a four-part review along the modern anime adaptation of the famous shonen manga series illustrated by Hirohiko Araki, depicting every arc of the show in depth until the release of Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable this year, something that I’m extremely excited about.

    So let’s get started!


    Phantom Blood chronicles the struggles of the cursed Joestar bloodline against the forces of Evil. Our story goes way back to 1880 England, as we follow the young Jonathan Joestar as he matures with and eventually combats his adoptive brother, the cunning, merciless Dio Brando. The two of them are simply tied to one another and embody the perspectives of good and evil. Basically everything that Jonathan stands for is to be gentlemen-like, started from his desire to save other people to showing empathy and mercy to the enemy. He is not only a pure soul, but there is not even a single trace of evil in his character at all. He does not rely on trickery to fool other people, he is friendly and sincere and embodies the “Ultimate Good” that could be brought forth in the show. Dio, on the other hand, is a fantastic example of the true villain in the series. He isn’t a good guy in the slightest, there is no sort of redeeming goodness in his soul. Dio Brando is pure evil from beginning to the end, with a sense of evil and corruption around his character. You want to feel disgusted by him, yet you can’t help but be fascinated and attracted to him. He is ambitious, sadistic, arrogant, and megalomaniacal, yet he posses an almost uncanny charismatic and intelligent persona in his character. He is one of the worst people that you would ever meet, he is essentially the antichrist yet apart of you would want to follow him as a leader. Dio is easily my favourite character in the entire series because of these traits, and it’s really the conflict of these two values that the two main characters of the series that sets the stage for not only this entire Part, but the entire manga and anime. Sometimes you don’t need to make your characters too complicated, sometimes all you need is a simple clash of these two values.

    The story begins in England, 1880 with young Jonathan Joestar, known to his friends as JoJo, living at his father George's wealthy estate. Another young man, Dio Brando, is adopted by them having recently lost his father, Dario Brando. George believed that he and his infant son were rescued by Dario during a stagecoach accident, in which his wife lost her life, when in fact Dario was trying to loot their corpses. Jonathan attempts to befriend Dio, unaware of his plan to drive him into discredit and earn George's trust so that he can become the sole heir to the Joestar fortune. As part of his scheme to torment Jonathan, Dio violently beats him in a boxing match, turns his friends against him, steals his girlfriend Erina's first kiss, and even burns his dog Danny to death in an incinerator, while presenting himself before Jonathan's father as a better gentleman and student than his adoptive brother. Normally, everything would go downhill from there. But overtime, roughly seven years passing, Jonathan has grown up and quickly begins to close the gap that Dio originally created. But as Dio begins to make his move to become the heir of the Joestar Fortune with a sinister plot, Jonathan tries his best to foil his adoptive brother’s plans, where things quickly escalate.

    In a shellnut

    To me, Phantom Blood could not hold such a high regard as a show from fans if it was to be solely carried by the simple concept of good and evil from the main characters. The side characters also have their own added spice to the series itself, and the fan favourite in the manga community would easily go to Speedwagon. “Why?” you ask? From the very start his loyalty to Jojo’s virtuous and heroic nature is second to none, and his narration provides extra hype and a nice touch to the rough nature of the fist fights. He isn’t a fighter, but he a special extra to make the show simply so fun to watch. At the same time, Zeppi acts as the ‘Obi-Wan’ to Jojo’s ‘Skywalker’, playing the role of the mentor extremely well to the young Jonathan. He is knowledgeable, caring and very quirky at the same time. Sadly, acting as the Obi-Wan eventually catches up to him and his departure from the party was enough to make you cry manly tears.

    But that is a good thing especially when the anime embraces the crazy art style of the original manga, with an equally insane colour pallet to bring this bizarre adventure to life. The character design in the anime also takes a slight adjustment from the original material in the first arc to Araki’s evolving art throughout the show, which shows with strong art, masculine nature and a couple of signature poses now and then that make the show absolutely wonderful to watch. And especially from such a small studio such as David Production, which does not have a very big budget animation-wise. To compensate for this, the show is cleverly directed and animated strongly almost every damn time. Even a normal screenshot is just pretty to look at, it’s that damn good looking.

    With the first Part being set in Victorian England, the BGM is filled with some very nice orchestral pieces, sometimes integrated so well that I had to rewind to notice what piece is actually playing. But in terms of audio, the voices of the characters themselves are arguably the best part about the show. Every character has some fairly strong performances, but the favourite would have to go to Koyasu Takehito as Dio Brando, with his voice is very well suited for a character that’s sexy yet pure evil. And you can tell that the voice actors had their fun in this project, and their raw energy and passion alone can be seen in the series itself.


    When talking about Jojo, one must bring up the musical side of things. Araki’s affinity for music can be seen into how well the opening and ending songs are, with quick flashes from the original manga playing along with smooth CGI and professional directing in the OP. Its beautiful, in your face with high octane excitement and the lyrics talks about the endless rivalry between Jojo and Dio, alongside the human courage. Araki personally summaries that “the theme of this work is 'living'. Through the two main characters, I want to examine two ways of living. It's all about singing the hymn of the battle between 'human' and 'non-human'…” But I’m particularly impressed about how long the final line was held, where the lyrics follow as “Sono chi no Sadame, JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOJO!” I mean seriously, he holds it for like 8 seconds. It’s incredible.


    If the OP shows the powerful storytelling side of the show, then the ED illustrated the nature of the series itself. Surprisingly enough, the song that was chosen was “Roundabout” by YES, an English band from the early 70’s. All doubts that I had about the song were instantly silenced as the intro guitar melody fits the tones the series had. You can almost put that song to anything, horror, action, you name it. The tune fit perfectly, and the dirty bassline was fantastic. The visuals in the ED also help explain the history of the part, which at the same time, was timed perfectly. I never skilled the OP or the ED, since it’s needed for the entire experience.

    All and all, Part 1 is a true shonen revenge story. Despite the story not exactly being groundbreaking by today’s standards, the pacing is fantastic and nothing feels rushed at all. Emotions could be felt by the characters, and the fans loved it. In terms of style, nothing is being restrained to the visual representation at all. The first arc, tragic, and exciting all in a single bound.

    And so, the journey is continued in Part 2
    Phantom Blood is rated 8.5 out of 10 Lionhearts
  • Lex Rudera
    14-12-2015 - 20-12-2015

    Surprisingly enough I woke up, well rested, 7 o'clock. Read in my Lua book for about half an hour and got out of the door and on the bike well before uni start.
    Uni until 13. Project done and handed in, so I'm calling weekend. It was due to wednesday, so I think I can take the liberty. Sure there is something happening on thursday, but eh, I've got packing to do and a new flat to move into.

    Got up somewhere after 8. Went christmas shopping shortly after 10, and went out to get my keys to my new flat afterwards. Family came around and we spent the day moving my stuff. No programming or anything significant computer stuff was done.

    Busy moving furniture and whatnots. I didn't got to my computer before midnight, so now it's officially thursday and I did nothing programmingwise.

    I'm visiting the old folks for the holidays. I didn't manage to do anything productive and essentially spent my day pottering around and getting distracted by this and that.

    Got up somewhere after 10 and had to get on the road for a thetre show in the capital, so i got nought done.

    Woke up at 11. Tested out the performance of Arma 3 on my laptop, with surprisingly good results.
    I'm not even sure about the rest of the day. I did something productive during dinner, that's all.

    I don't even know. I suppose I've been busy around the house?

    Swings and roundabouts, I suppose.
  • Jonquil
    I've been reading this MLP fan made comic and i really enjoy it. I thought i'd post it to see what others think =) Its about Rainbow dash and Gilda at Flight Academy, other characters featured are Derpy, Fluttershy, Firefly, the bullies from the episode "Sonic Rainboom" and more.

    I would say more about why this is a good comic but i don't wanna spoiler the later plot =)

  • Crimson Lionheart
    (Haven't done one of these in a while. Let's get back to business, shall we?

    My exceptions are usually set on the stage of your typical movie-geek level. I went in with the lowest expectations possible, knowing that this movie is going to be really bad. But I would go to such lengths to say that this movie is just a pure waste of time, where taking it seriously would provide give you a very minor case of serious brain damage...

    Stereotypes is the weapon of choice for the movie based on revealing lewd dolls with huge eyes, full lips and no noses. Dolls with an overinflated infatuation with clothes, shoes and make-up aimed at a young-teen audience that basically wanted to be barbie for an older and more mature audience. You've heard about or even bought some of these dolls; now let's see if you can sit through the movie.


    Nope? I thought so.

    What you are witnessing is a fine example of American consumerism run amok without a leash to restrain itself, nor a master to even tame the wild beast that this movie truly is. Fortunately for you, this doesn't star Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. It its however, one of those typical highschool movies aimed at teenage girls. As long as they can remember, Yasmin, Jade, Sasha and Cloe have been "BFF" - Best Friends Forever. Inseparable since they first met, the young girls have always supported each other's individual personalities, talents and fabulous fashion styles. These four girls enter the dangerous and inhospitable world of High School, specifically Carry Nation High. Yasmin, Jade, Sasha and Cloe face a brand new world: a blackboard jungle, where for the first time they discover life as a teenager means dealing with a system of social cliques, all strictly enforced by student body president Meredith Baxter Dimly. Finding themselves being pulled further and further apart, the girls band together and rise up as "the Bratz" to fight peer pressure, in turn learning how true empowerment means standing up for your friends, being true to oneself and living out one's dreams & aspirations.

    I'm not making this crap up. This is the synopsis of the movie.


    At somepoint in the movie, one particularly imfamous scene comes up. Meredith 's sweet 16 party that more closely resembles a street parade, but the party audeience features your typical stuck-up plastic girls along with horny boys trying to get laid. Also trying to be what I could only sum up as “Hip and Fresh” , there are pop-culture references all over the place. One bit including an MTV crew that films the celebration (a blatant product placement for the “My Super Sweet 16" show) and a the video clip that appears on YouTube.

    Appropriate reaction is appropriate

    Oh, there's also a deaf kid who somehow has the power to hear Yasmin singing. And spin turntables

    But hey! At least the monkeys with a typewriter that could be listed as “Screenwriters” tried to incorperate imparting moral lessons. Parents are good and should always be listened to, Ignoring your friends is bad, Fashion and Commercialism is good. You know, Capitalism! That's the thing we should be teaching to 11-13 year olds! And hey! This is also an American movie, so that's to be expected in the long run.

    It's like the Cold War never ended......

    This is a difficult subgenre, there is not a chance in hell that you are able to satisfy everybody even if you happened to be Stanley Kubrick or Christopher Nolan. The entire academy into divided into clicks (emo's, skaters, geeks, potheads, jocks, tree-huggers and other assorted losers). Why anyone wishes to accept this type of sterotypical hand-holding is beyond me, but anyway....

    Brats. So full of propaganda and ridiculous role-models, not even adults would understand.


    This movie has received One out of Five Lionhearts
  • Hannah
    Well today sucked. it was decent up until after 3rd period. I hate english class. English is entirely useless as a class if you already speak it and can write it fluently. I also cant focus in that class cause nobody shuts there damned mouths. I sit there trying to focus and they are just like Nah we are gonna do what we want. And majority of fhe class is racist. Also i had to deal with my ex girlfriend today and she was like we should get back together and stuff and im like i already have a girlfriend can you please stop? and she just continues on even though she has a boyfriend. like im not sure what to do anymore. can somebody please help?
  • Hannah
    So I guess what my plan is that im gonna do a blog about everything thats going on in my life. I may even start to vlog from when i go to like cons or even just going out to do important school based events. I do have a youtube channel I will have to link it one day I guess. umm but on there all ive done so far is do a 3 part Q&A. I hope to vlog when i get ready for halloween this year cause me and a group of friends are all getting ready together to do our last year of trick or treating. umm but yea if you guys have certain things you want me to blog about message me about them. i want this to be kind of interactive. where i have viewers helping me.
  • Poisonous Nightmare

    (Disclaimer: This is a Satire. This has no bearing on any canon!)
    Today in Ponyville News, it seem a local artist, named Derpy Hooves, has reported being abused by her client. She looked confused and rather... perplexed about the situation. The poor mare has no idea what the cause was and commented with "I don't know what went wrong."
  • Poisonous Nightmare
    Disclaimer: This a satire. This isn't a shipping... unless your into Chrysi x Celestia, then fair enough.


    You know that awkward moment when you wake up from a hang over? It's not pleasant, especially when you find out that you've been with someone. Chrysalis knows this pain and woke up this morning with Celestia resting on her. It was reported that Chrysalis got extremely drunk off a local popular liquor because of her crippling loneliness. She got together with Celestia whom got done with a Royal Party and was also rather drunk. She invited Celestia to her hive and this was the end result.

    Drink Responsibly Fillies and Gentalcolts~
  • Narrow

    I made a stupid steam group for video games. Just wanted to be a curator.

    I dunno. Sometimes the reviews will be funny. Probably not.
  • WG101
    Gamers Defined

    We are the outcasts
    We are the tech-heads
    We are the ones who see the world in our way … the dangerous way
    Not part of the pack
    We have seen horrors that would normally give people nightmares
    But we just shrug it off
    We have died and died … but we still get back up, our blood spilling for eternity
    Level by level we gain experience
    Our real world selves are just a fraction of what we are actually capable of

    We are the drivers who their wreck cars in minutes
    We are the warriors who fight relentlessly until their HP drops to 0
    Weapon by weapon we use to keep ourselves alive for that extra few seconds
    We are the ones who can go it solo and still make it out alive, unlike the team players
    We are the ones who find their way around the barriers that were impassable years beforehand
    Our creative and unique styles have been our gateways to the final boss fight

    The worlds that are generated are our kingdoms
    The arenas that were made for us are in continuous use everyday, our loadouts ready for ranged combat.
    We modify our worlds to make them ready for a new type of combat … our combat … in our worlds.
    Some of us became famous doing the things we loved
    And we salute them since we are all headed there

    Some say that we are addicted to the screen and that we have mental issues
    But we are not like that
    We play since it is our sport … our passion
    Like football or soccer, the blood of the world
    We can be competitive like the players of them sports
    But they say it is not a sport
    So then we stay in for hours breaking world records while they can’t get their heads around the controls

    We are Rivals
    We are Enemies
    We are Friends
    We are a new kind of person
    We are Gamers

    By WG101
  • Crimson Lionheart

    Let's rewind the clocks back to 1997, about 18 years ago. The year where Mike Tyson bites Evander Holyfield's ear, Tiger Woods became the youngest ever golfer to win the Masters ,Princess Diana of Wales is killed in a car crash and The Simpsons becomes the longest-running prime-time animated series of all time. .It was also a good year for Hollywood, with quite a few successful films being released. Men in Black, The Fifth Element, Tomorrow Never Dies, Starship Troopers and this really obscure movie that nobody has ever heard of, called Titanic, just to just name a few. Hell, even Princess Mononoke deserves a honourable mention.

    But then again, it was also pretty bad. We had the Spawn movie, Anaconda and yet, one of these movies completely outclassed them all in terms of terrible. There was a movie with wooden performances and superhero nipples, there was a film that almost killed the DC Comics superhero movie franchise. There was a movie that was literally drowning in money and big-movie effects, along with having unspeakably bad performances. A film that promises and lacks snap or surprise, humour or even the basic necessity of an action movie, real thrills.

    It's enough to drive you batty....

    This is Batman and Robin, the worst Blockbuster of all time.

    If we were to judge this movie by it's own worth, then Batman & Robin fails to engage the spirit of any of their characters and even fails at decent marketing in general. The movie ended up as an unbelievably shallow knock-off, leaving audiences to cringe at the unavoidable one-liners that make up an impressive amount of the script. I'm mean, seriously. The worst of the bunch is Mr.Freeze, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, where almost everytime he speaks in the movie, it has to tie in with a “Cold” joke. I would show you a piece of the dialogue, but I don't think it would do the movie any justice.


    Dude! You need to chill the **** out!​

    Story-wise, it's not particularly engaging. According to the synopsis, this superhero adventure leaves Batman (George Clooney) and his partner, Robin (Chris O'Donnell), attempting to the foil the sinister schemes of a set of new villains, most notably the cold-hearted Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger)nd the sultry Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman). As the Dynamic Duo contends with these bad guys, a third hero, Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone), joins the ranks of the city's crime-fighters. It could sound like a somewhat exciting story, especially for a Superhero film in the 90's.

    And surprise-suprise, it doesn't work. Personally, the casting itself had to the potential make a surprisingly good film. George Clooney could have made a great Batman (square jawed, popular with the ladies), but the script proved to be his biggest downfall due to the somewhat tame nature for it's PG-13 audience. Uma Thurman is perfect for Poison Ivy, and she is the ONLY actor that actually pulled off her role well. She also happened to be an attractive and quirky actress, but you wouldn't know it by the emphasis on camp context and innuendo in this film. Arnie didn't exactly need to be casted, but it's unfortunately time that we'll never get back. But Chris O'Donnell and Alicia Silverstone as Robin and Batgirl? Nope!

    What happened? The first movie was the best of the series. Dark, psychotic and complex movie with over the top acting and settings. The Batmobile was beautiful, and so was the sets. The sequel shared some of the traits of its predecessor while adding more lunacy to the mix. It did suffer from the lack of talent (with a very notable Jack Nicholson)

    And then Mr. Schumacher ruined everything.


    Since its from the same series, there is no excuse for the director to run wild and away from the spirit of the originals. We have a broken and tortured soul fighting to keep his humanity. When Schumacher took over however, Batman seems to have the coolest cars, to kiss the most beautiful girls and to have a lot of fun while doing this. At least the first two films acknowledged that killing or hurting people was a conscious choice which was painfully taken by Batman. Schumacher's films seemed to imply that violence was fun and part of Batman´s life.

    Let's forget that this moment NEVER HAPPENED!

    Batman & Robin is really beyond over the top, the costumes were a bit silly and the story was just too family friendly with the source material. The acting was just stupid and not true to Batman at all. The problem here was that the story and setting just had nothing to do with what Batman truly is and was just an excuse to spend stupid money. Just some cold-hearted director wishing for your capital....

    I'll show myself out.....

    This Movie received One out of Five Lionhearts