An event in my town today.

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There was an event in the park in the center of the town I live in where people got to paint on each little square of the side walks. A lot of them were really cool, a lot of pokemon one's some star wars.

So I was walking around thinking 'I wonder if anyone would've painted pony's anywhere'. Eventually I found a Dr. hooves one and Princess Luna that were really well done.

Though they were really cool to find these and see them along with all the other art of course, I still couldn't help but feel like 'where the hell are the people that painted these, this means that there are bronys somewhere in this abysmal town, but where'. I don't know it was kinda cool but it just sucks because of how hard it is to find one friend or one person that cares about me in this city and this isn't a very small city. I've just run out of idea's and energy and this point.
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