Another bad day of work.

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Okay so how does my work day start? We have a line of customers and one of the drawers needed to be turned over. Instead of standing in line a lady hand her money to the first person in line tells him what she want done with it and walks out with a soda in hand. The guy is a regular and a nice guy so he complies, five dollars in gas. However she had a soda, and I had to ring that up. So it was 4.04 in gas and 96 cents for the soda. A different lady comes in complaining that she wants five dollars in gas. They had already started pumping the gas and I can't just let them have the soda for free. The first lady who didn't even bother standing in line tried saying she wasn't with the second lady. Yes she was they got in the car and left together. Since they weren't listening to me Ignored them and the second lady said she was the wrong lady to mess with and she'd be back.

About an hour later she was back and she stole about twenty-five dollar worth of stuff. Now proper pocedure is to call the boss report the theft to him and then to the 7 Eleven theft prevention hotline, once there out the door , I'm not supposed to go after them. I stupidly did. I went to the car their window were rolled down, and I tried to grab stuff back. I got pepper sprayed.

Not an experience I'd like to go through again. In the end the cops got her, we got the stuff back, most of it opened or had pepper spray on it so it had to written off, but I didn't press charged cause I didn't recognize her when the cops took me to see her. (My coworker did when they brought her by) She has been told she not allowed back on the property.

My other coworkers heard about this and wondered why there wasn't a more severe punishment for the lady. 25 dollars worth of stuff, is still small time isn't it? I don't fault the cops for not doing more. What more could they do?
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