Apparently my computer thought my blog was boring. *SPOILERS*

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Apparently my computer thought my blog was boring so it decided to have me have to refresh the page and lose all that I had written. Is there a way to remedy that? I didn't think it was boring. I think the injustice of not being allowed (or rather, able) to watch the new episode is an interesting read.

*SPOILERS BELOW* (sorry, I am not familiar with how to tag spoilers or whatever)

Review on the newest episode "Castle-Mania"

I thought this episode was actually rather funny. It had a "scooby-doo" feel to it. The voice-acting and animation was superb as usual, and what can go wrong w/ a Rainbow Dash vs Applejack theme? Nothing, really. Twilight, though, is kind of....seeming...a little....above it all. Maybe that is a good thing, since she is a "princess" now, taking charge and being responsible and all. Not that she hasn't been all that previously, it just really stuck out to me in this episode. Okay, honestly, every time Fluttershy cries even when we know it is okay, who doesn't want to cry with her. SHE IS SO ADORABLE! And the Pinkie Pie thing, I knew that was coming when she started to play the organ. That was kind of predictable. Also, whenever Rarity gets dirty or messy or sticks in her hair or whatever, I just feel the irresistible urge to clean or brush out those branches immediately. Anyone else? And Angel, ha!, oh Angel.

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