Legion Oct 14, 2013
This doesn't look bad, for someone who didn't get helped. Sorry about that by the way D: That game took longer than I expected.

Now, on to critique your character. For a starting character, all of your stats ought to add up to 24, and none should be above 8 (You followed the last one, just making sure to mention it.) Also, it's most likely that your cutie mark will give you +4 power level in Fire Magic.

Now, your spells are not actual spells (There is a list of spells that you can choose from). Here is the list: http://www.everypony.com/blogs/entry.php?1626-EPRP-Fire-Magic!

You can choose two spells that are a level less than or equal to your willpower +4. So if your willpower is 8, for example, you can choose two spells that are level 12 or less.

Also, Elementalists must have 50 health and 150 stamina.

Finally...Earth Ponies can't be magicians...sorry. :p