Extensive Research

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We've been conducting more research more research on this matter and have found out about more Projects and Experiments done by the Experimenters. Here's a list of everyone of them.

Project: Alpha: Extreme Speed and Accelerated Healing
Project: Beta: Powers of Darkness, Fire, and Ice
Project: Zeta: Powers of Wind
Project: Gamma: Resilient Strength
Project: Delta: Crazed Psychokinesis
Project: Elision: Copy Cat Powers
Project: Omega: Unknown
and Project: Void: Unknown

The two extra Projects in the list, Delta and Void, are incredibly dangerous and their current locations are unknown. But we've found that Project: Alpha is now Celestia's personal Spell Experimenter, and lives in Ponyville.

This information is top secret and is only given to those who can be trusted-Destructive 5
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