Feeling Meh.

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With every high comes a low. And unfortunately the low is hitting me hard and fast. Bleh. I seriously hate how messed up my mind is feeling. I'm hating how I'm just...possibly...imagining I don't belong, I don't fit in and slipping into a silent state of non-interaction because...well...that's what I do.

I come along. Find a place I like. Foolishly feel I don't belong. Slip into silence and leave, feeling I never belonged in the first place. I'm terrible at being proactive...last time I was properly pro-active with something...well, yeah. It went wrong. It resulted in part of the problem in my head. Eight years later.

Part of it is lack of RP. Roleplayer by nature, I tend to treat the idea of RP as an escape, as an avenue to just...exist without stress and worry. But when there is none...well...I feel odd.

Sorry guys.

My head and heart are in strange places at the moment.
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