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Okay, so. Today, i'm going to do something different. I'm going to express my thoughts on something. What is this something, you wonder? Well, the subject is: Love.

And now you're like "OOOHHH, He's gonna talk about love and how beautiful it is and everything and how he's found his one special somepony!!" Hahah- NO. I'm going to talk about how it's indirectly ruined my life and why i think it's such a crappy idea in the first place. A mistake of nature, i guess.

Anywho, i've always walked around, looking at chicks. You know, normal crap. A girl walks up to me and says hi, i say hai back. After that, we chat a bit and stuff but it doesn't escalate more than that. Why? Because, i don't allow it to escalate. But, in the end of the day, i've gotten a new friend among the thousands of other friends i have.

Now, why don't i make it bigger than a friendship? Because, i follow a simple rule. Never get into a relationship, it will ruin your life in the long run. Also, i haven't found anyone who causes me to have all these bucking symptoms like... i dunno, can't come up with anything, but the reason is, i don't feel anything towards anyone, even if i do look like it. I can be the sweetest guy you know, you can think "He's gonna be my boyfriend one day." Well, to tell ya the truth, i'm not because i don't have any feelings towards you.

Now, i was with a chick for some time. So don't go telling me i hate it 'cus i haven't had the real thing, 'cus i have. Didn't feel anymore happy or sadder through it. I didn't feel anything special. Actually, i felt depressed 'cus i knew it was gonna end someday.

So, all of ya'll can go on with your lives, trying to find that special someone in your quest to find a life that fits ya and nevermind me, 'cus i'm just gonna sit there, waiting for someone to need my help with life. But am i ever gonna find my own? No, i wont. Why? 'Cus i've suppressed the feeling you call "Love" a long time ago. Never had it, never wanted it.

"A Clockmaker is supposed to live a lonely life, it's their curse." - The Clockmakers Rules.

Thank you for reading this, and have a good day. I'm The Clockmaker and i'm signing out for todays entry.
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