Hello guys, this is... someone you probably shouldn't know.

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Okay so, today might be a bit... sadder for me. Dunno why, just feel like bursting into tears. Those of you who's seen me on Skype have seen that i've changed name to The Dead Clockmaker. This is because i simply feel down or not great. It's mostly because of a sick or something, but it can also be because i'm sad, angry, or just in a mood that makes me want everyone to just forget about me.

So, here i stand, telling you the first thing that probably is gonna happen.

Sadness - Alright, i become sad, that's okay and stuff. Problem is, when i get sad, I GET SAD. I often break down into a weeping ball of metal junk or worse, not accepting anyponys trust or any attempts to cheer me up. Now, you might wanna try to cheer me up, but it probably wont work. Another thing is, that the more people try to cheer me up, the more sad i get when someone drops a rude comment on my sadness. It could even be a joke; but if it's demoralizing or anything similar, i will break down and cry.

Anger - Now, this doesn't happen often and if it does, is mostly a joke. But if i become seriously angry, expect me to begin trolling the love and tolerance out of everybody. I wont even care if it gets bad and i start hurting somebody emotionally, i will continue on and be rude until they manage to break. The best alternative here is to avoid me until i show some signs of calming down.

Dead - Okay, you know how i said that i get more sad the more people help me? Well, if it becomes alot of people that tries to cheer me up, then someone bombs it with a rude comment, i go dead. This is the point where i try to talk as little as possible and will mostly stay offline and avoid every single friend i meet. If you message me on Skype, Steam or anything else, i will most likely not answer, instead keeping entirely quiet. But, if you really wanna cheer me up, try to talk to me, try to get through and actually reach me by calling me or something. There's millions of ways to get me out of this state and most of them are relatively easy, and i advise you to try for it's not really healthy for me to stay in this state.

That's all... thank you guys for, um... caring.
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