I might as bloody well...

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Alright, so. Here is some quotes i think could be used to be stupidly epic. So, here we go:

"One thing about me you can always understand: You will never understand me, yes?" Max. Thought it was Karl? Nope.avi.

"The world is very strange, infact the whole universe is very strange indeed: You see, you can understand it, and yet... you can't." The 12th Clockmaker.

"Different things interest different people. That's how mankind works, and that's how it will always work." Karl.

"If you're reading this letter than i've probably changed, if not then get out! Anyways, i changed myself to escape from the world. I guess my doppleganger doesn't understand that, so keep him away from discovering the personality changer. Otherwise, let him go. There's nothing you can do for him now. He's lost in my world, and he's not coming back." Karl. Foreshadowing. 'Nother version can be found at the QQ thread.

"He's still in there, i know it. I can feel it. But he doesn't let us draw him out again." Azure. When Karl had changed.

"Wonderful things can come out of small beginnings. Know that and you could take over the world! Figuratively speaking." A planned OC.

There you have it, people. First batch of quotes from The Clockmaker to you. Let me know what you think. I also have a huge one over at the QQ thread, tho it isn't from me.

I hope to see you next time. Until then, i say goodbye.
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