Joining Staff and My Thoughts on the Site and the Community

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I'd like to think I've changed for the better recently. I stopped and took a step back to get a bigger picture of what was going on around me. I'm glad I did. I think I'm in a better place now and have already started to make amends to people that deserved better.

I joined staff to help the site however I can.
I am not on a crusade of any sort to try to “make everything better”.
I will do what I should have been doing all along – enjoying the site and the users.
I want to involve myself and have fun.
I can help make this a place where everyone can come to have fun and enjoy things.
I look at things with a much more relaxed attitude than I have in the past.
Stuff is going to happen, some good, some bad.

Some things I can help make better, and some things will be beyond anyone's capabilities. I can accept this and will not worry. I'll do my best to be an example and involve myself in things around the site while staying positive. I'm going to practice what I preach about choosing my battles. There are some things that are not worth fighting over. The gains you make are not worth the stress and issues you can cause to yourself and others. There are some things that are worth defending – and I think this site and what we make of it is one.

The little things don't matter in the long run. Nitpicking details will not get us anywhere. We need to all just use the site, the forums, the chat, the radio and ENJOY it. HAVE FUN. That's why we are here. I've met some fantastic people here that I hope will remain friends with me until the end of my days. Instead of worrying about the small things that might be wrong or how some insignificant thing may have slighted us, focus on all the good that comes from the site and the people using it.

I look at the cartoon show that brought us all together and I still smile while watching it. There were two episodes of season 1 on TV this morning. I remember the first one, “Bridle Gossip” being the one that got me to watch the show in the first place. I still smiled and laughed as I watched the show that brought me here in the first place.

I don't follow all the “commandments” of the community. I look at myself as just an adult fan of My Little Pony more than as what the world at large sees as a “Brony”. I don't feed the need to fit into that way of looking at everything. I want to watch the show, enjoy it, and do the same with the Everypony Network we have made here.

I look back and I liked season 3 more that I thought I did at first. I liked watching Equestria Girls and being able to take my niece with me to watch it in the theater. I am really looking forward to season 4 after the clips that were shown at SDCC.

So, in conclusion just try to do what I did. Step back. Look around. Think about why you are here and how ALL of us can make this place “better” and more fun for everyone that visits. Engage yourself and have fun. It's not hard if you just let yourself. That is the one great thing that did come about from the community is that from all the good I've seen, no one is judged. We like a show that historically has been for little girls. There is too much good that comes from all of this to focus on the negative. I still plan on having fun here. And I will. :blink:
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