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Hey my lovely ponies! How is everyone doing? I know its been over a year since I have been on here. On one note, I have been working my ass off for that whole time but I decided to leave that job and went another place. Nothing but drama. I believe I wrote about it in another blog. Anyways, the place I went too I found out it was going to be closing. Needless to say, I'm looking for another job, part time tho. ::S:

I know you guys are probably wondering why only part time for a job. Well the reason is...I'm going back to school to finish my Medical billing cert. I was going to finish it years back but I decided against it. Very lame on my part since it was only 3 more classes. I'm taking two this semester and the last one next semester. So far I have A's in the class. Its only the third week today but one class I already had two quizzes and the other homework. Thinking about it now, I actually have a exam tomorrow. :DFH:

So, another side note, a little over 5 years with the bf. Still can't get him to go anywhere lol He isn't too happy about me going back to school right now for some reason but I don't care. Next summer I will be working a great job. Which I found out, its a pinning ceremony for anyone in the medical field. :derp: I guess its time for me to start on my work for class.
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