My Possible Senior Quote

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Actually, "I'm surrounded by perverted idiots." is what I want my senior quote to be.

Yes, I'm back. Yes, I'm not dead. And yes, I'm in high school.

Yeah I'm not really likin' it.

So much that I found this post as a draft from the day before, and I was blowing off so much steam that it was totally unorganized. So I'm gonna organize the rubble of my explosion of rage.

I can't fully understand what makes the majority of these people around me tick. AND HOW THEY MADE IT TO HIGH SCHOOL.
I wouldn't say high school is worse than everything you've ever imagined, at least in my perspective. It's more... what is it... most annoying than everything you've ever imagined. Yeah, that fits.

I Hate It When:
-I can't tell if I'm being hit on or just being messed with by the athlete-rapstar-drugdealer-wannabe guys around me.
-I want to flip my desk at the guys who keep making random, sudden, unpredictable, and obnoxious dance moves
and at guys who mumble & murmur instead of speaking
and guys who cuss harshly every 5 seconds
and guys who say something extremely inappropriate (sexual, racist, etc.) every 5 seconds
and whoever thinks I won't go out with that guy just because he's black when I've told them numerous times that I just don't care about dating right now. I'm busy napping and eating Nutella
and the bit-over-dramatic staff that don't allow caps & beanies. OR MOSTLY ANY OTHER OBJECT THAT IS ON YOUR HEAD THAT BRINGS NO SIGNIFICANT EFFECT.

Oh, I thought up this funny joke:
"You know you're in Art class when you have discoloration of the skin."
get it

I miss private school.
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