New year new me...kinda

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So I know it's been a super long time since I've been on but there has been so much going on. For starters, I'm working a lot more. I found something better then where I was before. Get more money, which is a good thing, but I hate my coworkers! It's like never ending with the mistreatment I receive from a certain people. Ugh! Since it's a new year, I'm thinking about going back to school to finish a few classes I need for medical billing. Hopefully I can get some type of financial aid. Once that's all done, I can go work somewhere better than where I am at.

Secondly, I know in a blog I wrote before I mentioned looking for an apartment. No such luck yet. I'm debating on whether or not I want to stay in Chicago or move away. Of course after I finish getting the medical billing cert. Don't get me wrong I love it here, it's my birthplace, but there is soooo much violence here. Yes I know everywhere I go there will be violence but Chicago is really bad. Certain areas I refuse to go too just because of the crime and drugs.

Today marks 3 years and 7 months with my bf. I know it's not news worthy lol I'm honestly surprised it's been this long. I swear I think I put him in hell and back like a thousand times. He put up with my little rants which I can be a royal you know what. But in the end, I'm glad I found him. If any of you find someone that will put up with the little things and sometimes the big things, keep them. only if I can get a ring lol boy have I tried throwing hints. He knows but I'm sure if it's gonna happen he's not going to show any type of emotion till then.

Anyways, I hope everyone finds something they have been looking for or something surprisingly happens this year. It's a new year, time to start off fresh with a new start. Good luck to everypony! :grin::omg::smile::twi::derp:
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