One of the Many Insane Dreams I've Had

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It was when I was in elementary school. Like, 1st or 2nd grade, or something.

So in the dream, Charlie Sheen was my older brother (my family casually watched Two and a half Men, so I've watched it with them). And he was a rockstar with the leather jacket and stuff, as I saw what seemed like a scene of me in the large crowd cheering on the rock band playing, and Charlie being the leader of the band, I think. Pretty cliché. I've had thousands of cliché thoughts as a kid. I pray I'm not the only one.

So one night Charlie and I went out to the "electric house". It was a one-floor factory-building-thing completely covered in steel, and completely surrounded by a tall, barbed-wire-top fence. It was my version of what I thought the places that delivered electricity to the city looked like. And if you touched the building, you would be electrocuted. Because, well, electricity :I.

So yeah one night we went out with 3 of my "friends". 2 boys and 1 girl. The "leader"-ish kid (who was a boy and was kinda fat, had a red shirt and blue pants and brown hair. The other boy wore something yellow, and I have no idea about the girl) chuckled mischievously and said "Hey, let's go and touch it." and the other 2 were all like "Heh heh yeah let's do it" and all that. Then I was like "But we can't or we'll get electrocuted!" But as I was saying that, I just happened to be swinging on a swing that was a part of the fence. And swinging towards the electric house. I swung higher and higher, my feet getting closer to the building. I could even feel my toes tingle/slightly vibrate when they got close to the wall.

Right when I was about to get too close to the wall, Charlie shouted at me to stop, which I did. Immediately. Like, in a physically impossible way. Like swing, swing, sudden stop. I didn't even drag my feet on the ground. DreamLogic.avi. Anyways, I got off and stood next to my brother. He sighed and looked at the building in thought. A second later, he turned to me, and right when he put his hands on my shoulders with the expression that he was gonna have a "talk" with me, my dad touched me and woke me up for school.

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