Part 17: Creepy Living Dolls, Arata's Comic Challenge & Kamishiro Infiltration

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Obviously 16 wasn't final. Plus, you may be seeing more of this since I won't be going back to work anytime soon (for pretty obvious reasons). I don't want to beat this game too quickly and end up running out of games to play, but I also don't like sitting around doing nothing either.

Either way...

We continue the Living Doll Club and Perfect Girl Society investigation. We encounter a shady business man who legitimately tries to sell us one. Awkwardly, he has one of Nokia. He claims that one isn't selling well. He'd better be glad Nokia isn't around for this... :derp:

Either way we discover why those involved in this have gone missing. The catch for all of this is that your not allowed to leave your room. Ever apparently. So you become like the main character of Welcome to the NHK I guess? ::S:

We find a Living Doll Club Arcade machine and Connect Jump into it. We find... an Infermon within. WHO TALKS IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS. Goodie. :angry:

Forced fight. Somewhat annoying fight but I come out victorious either way. :dunno:

The case ends seemingly as quickly as it began, as the businessman from earlier who tried to sell the dolls to us catches us coming out of the machine and we reveal ourselves to be a Cyber Sleuth. He claims he's made enough money and makes a run for it but not before leaving a mysterious URL behind. o_O

The case is complete but Kyoko wants us to investigate the URL which we do. Leading us to a strange open area in EDEN with only one person and a bunch of the living dolls who claims that he's in the real world and not EDEN despite us trying to convince him otherwise. Well then... :sigh:

After informing Kyoko she theorizes that those involved are having their bodies 'used' somehow in foreign countries. That's... disturbing... :confused:

We finally get through to the guy who discovers that there is no body to log out to... that's... bad... o_O

Well... case complete. I guess? We move on to Arata's comic challenge next involving some rare comic that's out of print. All this for manga? Arata as an otaku confirmed. :derp:

But we help him out because he's Arata and why not? We have to answer questions that Arata knows the answers to. Except for the final question which we have to get outside help with. When we reach the end though, we're too late and are the second person to show up. But Arata had fun and apparently knows the guy holding the event. Arata acts all 'loner-like' but he's clearly not and refuses to admit it. :oops:

Then... finally... at long last... WE'RE INFILTRATING KAMISHIRO. ABOUT FREAKING TIME. :mad:

We're getting help from Arata with his hacking expertise, our Connect Jump ability, and Yuuko's Kamishiro connections. We also inform Yuuko about our abilities and she takes it rather well and seems to realize that's how we got around mysteriously. The plan involves going to Kamishiro HQ for their big EDEN update revealing. Yuuko gets us in and we connect jump into a terminal. We're going after the Avalon server and some sort of 'secret room' where lots of confidential files are held for Kamishiro as well as potential true motives for Suedou and presumably Kamishiro as well.

Yuuko agrees to help... as long as we get her father's research files as well which may hold more clues to his so-called 'suicide' and possibly EDEN Syndrome as well. We agree. But Yuuko mentions it's either there or another server that has the strictest security for all of EDEN and Arata doesn't want to be involved in that. Yuuko theorizes that using the Digimon Capture program could make it possible to get into... but... she agrees that the only target will be Avalon and the secret room for now.

With everything set up we head out in disguises and Arata distracts the Kamishiro employees so we can get into one of the terminals. Which we do shockingly easily. o_O

That's all I was able to do though.

Next time:

But will it really go oh so smoothly? Somehow... I doubt it. :angry:
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