So, it has come to this.

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I came back to take a look around. What is the first thing I see? This.
In there I see quoted:
• Adult/Mature/Explicit content such as nude/sexual/gore content is STRICTLY forbidden across the Everypony network.
From the rules page: Here.

Then the next thread I go to is: The 18+ song thread.
Ok, let’s go listen to the radio… Oh my. I guess the radio is not a part of the Everypony network. Or are songs about performing oral sex acts on other musicians not Adult/Mature/Explicit anymore (Saturday Morning 2, I think it was)? Let alone the other songs mentioned in the thread.

Alright then, let’s continue our journey back into the forums. Hey, look a new theme – oh and there’s a discussion thread for it. In complaints? Huh. Okay, let’s take a look. Theme discussion thread and wow, the staff is responding rather harshly aren’t they?

Hold on, I remember seeing something about staff rules and how they are supposed to treat the users. Here it is!
I guess they missed rule 1: Be Respectful and professional when dealing with matters. We are the staff. It doesn't reflect well on the site if we insult and disrespect users. Hooray for customer service!

C’est la vie I suppose… Wait, what’s this? A stickied thread from our dear departed Derpy Hooves? And this was in January. Let’s keep reading. Oh, this is delicious. Not remembering what we said 7 months ago?

Onto the staff list we go, all TWENTY FIVE of them (I counted) for a site this size? Hold on, 25. And it takes how long to get anything done? Didn’t I read something about commitment in one of the application threads? Eeyup, I sure did:
Funny how the staff that made sense all left. Actually, that’s not funny at all; it makes me sad. Before anyone gets on me about how I didn’t apply to be staff, I knew I wouldn’t have the time to devote to the site so I decided not to apply. It seems as though my perception of how important that is was misguided.

Even if the ‘active users’ count on the forum is true (which I doubt), that’s approximately one staff member for every 25 ‘active’ users.

So, now that I’ve gone through actual threads and quotes and rules I can get down to my opinions.
1. We have too many staff members and I believe they are treated as above the law. In the No Clop thread, users have been threatened with a permanent ban for a first offence; A mod breaks the rule are gets a three day ban AND keeps his mod status. I won’t respect decisions coming from a mod like that. Or is the rule I have quoted above is not clear cut enough? Is the Everypony network much smaller than I thought, confined to the whims of the staff? Another rule:
• Ignorance is not an excuse, it's each every users' responsibility to read to and agree with the rules in order continue using and enjoying that provided by
That does include staff, right? Shouldn’t they be held to an even higher standard than the common user?

2. Are there set goals and projects for the staff? In the spirit of transparency, can we see what the plans are for the future? How about a schedule for the Radio DJs? Hold staff accountable and responsible for their actions or lack thereof. You have 25 staff members, all of whom were taken on with dedication, passion, and commitment as prerequisites. List the projects, the goals, the completion status percentage, and the deadlines of the site. Let us know who is working toward each project goal. You want to make the site better; I want the site to become better than it currently is.

3. After reading through the threads I linked above, the staff (I am not naming anyone in this, it may not apply to all of them, but they are ‘The Staff’) is acting with arrogance and my perception sees them as having an elitist culture. You have your ‘Members Only’ jacket. Congratulations. The users see you strut around with them on and they want one for themselves or they fear you. I’d prefer not to go into detail here; I am not posting this to attack any individuals.

This is merely my humble opinion on the state of the site to the Bourgeois members from one of the Proletariat.
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