Some awesome things that happened to me today.

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So recently I have been way more open with being transgender now to the point where its weirder for someone to not know I'm trans hehe~
But currently in college out of nowhere my tutor took me out of class to talk to a lady called Sara about my decision and my transition and she is the head of some equality department in my college and what they are doing for me to make my transition easier to go through is they are changing all my records in the college from my male name (Liam) to me female name (Laura) and the staff are going to refer to me as a female which means so much to me that they would do this for me. They will also be having a trans woman who has been through her own transition and is now fully a woman both mentally and in appearance and she will be talking to my class so my class can get a better understanding of trans women.

I am so happy that the college are doing this for me and it made my day better.

Later that day I got home and told my mom, now she supports me but she deep down doesnt want me to go through with it but I ended up crying after it.
I told her and she gave a sort of "oh.." awnser but a few mins later she asked me for help with her computer and after I finisehd helping she said "thanks laura" that was the first time my mom reffered to me as female and it made my day so much better.

I just wanted to share this.
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