Tank Reviews: Intro and the BDR G1 B

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For those of you who don't know I play a free to play game known as World of Tanks. I enjoy the game from time to time though I will admit that it can be very very very stressful a lot of the time. In this blog series I will Review tanks that I have played and that I am currently playing. I will also give ideas of what sort of equipment to use with the tanks, dependent on the play style, as well as the play style that I use with the tank.

PLEASE NOTE: My play style and your play style are completely and utterly different do not think that I'm trying to impress upon you that my way of playing is the best, because I'm not it's just the way I use the tank.

Other than the note I will be randomly selecting the tank each and every blog. The blogs themselves will be going up when I have the time, or whenever I feel in the mood to make one.

The first tank I'll be reviewing is the French Tier V heavy tank the BDR G1 B.

Stock Config.
Armor starting with hull: front- 60mm, sides- 40mm, rear- 60mm
Turret armor: 60mm all around
Hit points: 600 hp
Stock gun: 75mm SA32 Damage: 110/110/175 HP, Penetration 74/91/38 mm, rate of fire: 14.79(with stock turret) with upgraded turret 15.79

Like many of the stock French tanks the BDR is very very weak with it's stock configuration. Though the armor and HP is vastly superior than it's tier IV brother the B1, as well as the armament, expect to be outclassed in almost every aspect by the other tier V tanks and even some tier IV tanks as well. The BDR also has another disadvantage in that it is extremely tall meaning that it's camo rating is very poor. Even with the second 75mm gun expect to bounce off of other tanks even at mid range, I've actually bounced off of an M4 Sherman at mid range before. The view range of the tank is also extremely poor meaning that you will have to rely on your team mates to spot for you, much easier if you platoon.

Gun #2: 75mm SA44 Damage: 110/110/175, Penetration: 100/129/38 mm rate of fire: same as stock gun
FCM F1 turret: armor 80/70/60

From the first glance and what info I've given so far this tank doesn't seem too great, but the fun comes when you start to upgrade the tank. As always the suspension should be upgraded first which allows you to fit the heavier turret and engine as well as the better radios. This tank truly become a force to be reckoned with once you unlock the fearsome 90mm DCA 30. With Damage rolls of 240/240/320hp and a penetration rating of 135/175/35mm you will dominate just about everything at your tier and lower, that is if you hit in the right area >.> This is a tier VII gun on a tier V tank and seeing that matchmaking will through you into up to tier VII battles this gun comes in handy. Though it suffers in the department of having a rate of fire of 6.32r/m, this equates out to about a 12.42 second reload time, a gun rammer is a very viable option when it comes to equipment buying as it will decrease your reload time to about 6.42 seconds.

Fully upgraded with the 90mm gun this tank is great at making in game credits as you will be doing massive amounts of damage when you get a good connecting shot that also penetrates well. Keep in mind though that even fully upgraded you are a very tall target and being a heavy tank with a solid hitting gun you will be a very prime target for enemy artillery and tank destroyers as well as other enemy heavies.

I play this tank as a mid ground sniper. Sticking together with groups of team mates and firing only when fully aimed and then only when I have a clear bead on the opposing enemy tank. Another thing to remember is that this tank is not very mobile and as with a vast majority of heavy tank, especially tier V's, once you're going in a direction you'll have a hard time relocating. Make sure you mark out where allied tanks are heading and go where your gun will be of the most help and where you'll do the most damage.

Well that's all for now I'll see you all next time, or if you play World of Tanks, I'll see you on the battlefield!

*Statistics on all vehicles are credited to the World of Tanks Wiki*
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