The Adventures of Captain Higginbottom

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Hey there everypony. I was going through the games I'm going to play for Las Pegasus Productions and my eye caught Fallout 3. I thought it'd be a great place to start, something long and enjoyable with a lot of room for choice. I can learn about making videos, optimize and otherwise ensure any future video is better all throughout one series. And then an idea struck me.

I'm going to give you guys the chance to pick how I play the game and what choices I make during it. Of course there are some things I'm going to pick for myself, but I want you guys to give me a character to play.

How do you contribute? Well that's easy! Post your comments here about what the character should act like. Is he happy? Cynical? Snarky? Suave? That's up to you! To make sure this is something I can translate to the game, I'm going to put a sheet below for you to fill in. Feel free to add more or leave stuff out! The choices that interest me will be shown in the first video to be made after christmas!

Without further ado, here's the sheet:

Keep in mind, this will be a FEMALE character of high intelligence. How you use that is up to you!

Body type: (What their strength and agility is like)
Charm: (How good they are at talking to people)
Luck: (Are they lucky?)
Affinities: (What this character likes above all else, max 3)
Fears/Dislikes: (What this character hates above all else, max 3)
Addiction: (Something the character will collect religiously)
Karma: (Good, neutral, evil)
Backstory: (What was their life like in the vault?)
Fighting Stance: (Avoid violence, thrives on violence or a mix of both?)

Further Info: (anything else you might want to add)

Now go forth and comment on what I should play as!
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