Thoughts about why former MLP things stop being followed

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Okay, I've seen a lot of posts around the internet that question why people stop following or being interested in music or games or whatever when they stop involving ponies.

Everything below is purely my opinion.

You can't force people to like things. This is the main issue I have with belittling people for leaving something when the part of it they like is removed.

For example – I like ponies. I do not like fighting games. Fighting is Magic originally intrigued me when it involved the My Little Pony characters I love so much, even though the game was in a genre that I do not care for.
Eventually, and unfortunately, they were forced to remove the ponies from the game. This also removed the thing that made me interested in it. So, now it's a fighting game without ponies. It no longer interests me since the thing I liked about it is no longer involved. Why should I get scorned for no longer liking something that doesn't contain anything I like?

The same goes for music too. I have given different artists and genres that I normally don't enjoy a chance because they involved ponies in their music. Should it be such a surprise that when you remove the part that I enjoy (MLP) that I go back to not liking a music genre that I didn't like to begin with?

I am not obligated to continue following someone or something when they change and do not produce something that interests me.

Everyone is free to change and I have no issue with that. I would never demand they go back or do something they don't want to do; I do not condone those people. I believe both sides should accept the other's change and just move on. You should not be surprised or angry when a change you make to yourself is not followed by everyone around you. C'est la vie.
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