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Hello, everybody. I'm here to post an update on my music and other stuff.
First, let me start off with a few unfinished or short tracks.
Okay, now thats out of the way. Here is somethings I want to say.
I'm beginning to be pretty busy myself with homework, keeping up with you guys, chatting on skype, working on music, and other things of sorts. Multi-tasking is not the easiest thing to do. I'm pretty sure that most of you know what I am talking.
Second, I want to say something about pinkiepony. All I see her as is a Attention seeking *excuse my language* *****. I think she likes all the attention she has brought to herself and with people keeping on feeding her it. She is just going to get progressively worse and do things that are no where near as bad as taking down molestia.
Anyways, this has been an update from me.
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