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Disclaimer: The characters of Ranma ½ belong to Rumiko Takahashi, and not me. I am writing this story for fun and won’t be making a penny off of it.

Some Things are Just too Ridiculous By Lioconvoy

Chapter Six: The same problem, new reasons

Ranma tried to center herself. It was great getting to spend time with her mom. However, before her mom left to prepare her sisters for the introduction she admitted that Kasumi’s plan needed to be followed. Outside her own home or the Tendo property she had to be a she. Apparently all the problems her old man ran from tend to make their way to Nerima.

Sixteen, not including Akane Tendo, she was engaged to sixteen different women. Ukyo, Minako, Rei, Setsuna, a different Akane, Sara, Azusa, Koaru, Mizuki, Kasumi not Tendo, Rumiko, Naoko, Megumi, Natsuna, Masako, and Natsumi not his sister. She had no idea Ukyo and Kaoru were girls let alone her pop engaged her to them. Ukyo was a good friend that was all she had ever been to her why that idiot engage to her buddy? Also Kaoru was practically a little brother. Most of the other girls she barely remembered ever interacting with at all.

While some of the parents had given up their claims on him thanks to his Mother negotiating with them and or reimbursing what her old man had stolen. None of the girls had except Kaoru, maybe that was a sign she was against the engagement herself. Even though Nerima was a large ward, there was too much of a chance of her running into any of them. So for that reason in public she had to be Usagi Narita the daughter of Makoto Narita. She wondered if her mother had gotten her uncle’s approval for this.

She really didn’t want to accidentally take her current anger at her father out on her sisters, but it was really hard to not be angry that she wasn’t allowed to be herself.


Makato looked was very careful as he walked down the streets of Nerima. He really hoped he’d not run into the ladle lady today. He was less likely to find Nodoka at home alone today and he really didn’t want any of his nieces knowing of his curse.


Nabiki walked into the dojo to see Ranma meditating. “That something Kasumi’s having you do?”

“No, you missed a lot today.” She didn’t exactly know where to start. The redhead sighed. “I’m going to be going home today.”

“Really, you’re mom’s not going to kill you?” That was good news so Ranma wasn’t going to have to pretend to be a girl. Something struck her as odd as soon as that thought crossed her mind why was Ranma a girl right now? Was she wearing Natsumi’s clothes?

“Nope in fact it’s my mom’s fault I have my curse.” The redhead had more than enough to blame on her pop. It didn’t feel entirely right blaming her curse on her mom, but he mother wanted to take the blame because she set the events in motion.

“Wait, Mom knew what the pamphlet was before sending it to dad?”

Ranma looked at the girl who now entered the dojo. She looked like a younger version of herself, just with a slightly longer braid. This had to be Koneko, her mom was right it was scary how close their appearances matched. Her little sister was two years younger but it was kind of hard to tell. Standing up she walked over to he sailor suit clad sister and noticed that she was a little taller than her and only a little bigger than her. “Koneko shouldn’t you be at home?”

“Well Kasumi didn’t come over yesterday so I thought I’d visit her instead.” Her big brother could almost be her twin. Sure all eight sisters were similar especially in the face, but they all had different figures. Well Yuukune and Rouko were only ten so they hadn’t quite started to blossom, but considering the pattern they might end up more like the older twins rather than herself. Still the only difference she noticed between herself and Ranma was an inch in height and a little in the chest. She was sure she’d catch up. Looking at her brother turned sister again…. “Why are you wearing some of Natusmi’s clothes.”

“Because of Pop there be too maybe problems if I’m in public as Ranma. Mom borrowed these clothes for me to wear for when I go home. I changed into them now cause I didn’t know how long it take mom to get the lot of you ready to meet me. I’m waiting for her to call before I head home.” Changing clothes constantly was a pain. That's why she liked her Chineese clothes. They were comfortable to fight in and looked cool. However as they weren't very common in Japan she'd draw to much attention to herself wearing them. Where was her fiancee? "Where's Akane? Does she have after school activities?"

"She was in a fight with Kuno, Kasumi is looking at her right now. So far it's just a few bruises." Nabiki was of mix feeling about this outcome. Part of her wanted to see if maybe her sudden friendship with Kuno was rapidly becoming something else. Although they'd been business partners for two months she didn't really consider Taki a friend before yesterday. The other part really didn't want to lose more income. Right now her sister's love life was the priority. "So Akane can't brag you're her fiance?"

"No, not if she want to stay safe there are at least fifteen other girls who thanks to my old man can make that claim. According to mom they're not all the most stable of girls." She still wasn't as centered as she wanted to be and she'd rather ignore this particular issues at the moment, but Akane did need to know and by extension Nabiki too.

"I think the only ones Akane really needs to worry about are Akane Hidaka, Megumi Saotome, and Natsuna Aragaki. Rumiko Takeshida, Mizuki Shimada, and Setsuna Noya all go to Furinkan.” She knew who all sixteen of her brother’s fiancees were. Kaoru was actually her age, and currently her best friend. Most of the other girls were closer to Ranma’s age.

“Oh Koneko’s you’re here.” Kasumi came into the Dojo to tell Ranma her mother was ready for her, but one of his sisters was missing. She was so worried about outsider coming after Ranma after hearing about the other fiancees that she missed sensing Koneko. “You’re mothers ready for you I guess Koneko can take you home rather than Akane.”

“What no! I mean I’m glad Ranma is home, but me and Kaoru don’t want to miss anymore training. You didn’t stop by yesterday that’s why we’re here now. Well I kind of ran ahead of Kaoru, but she’s on her way.” Since she had turned to face Kasumi who was behind her she missed out her brother reaction to Kaoru being on her way. She wonder if her mother mentioned Kaoru practically lived with them. “Besides you might need our help forcing Dad to come home.”

“I guess that later point is fair, I don’t know if your father knows you mom won’t make him commit seppuku.” Maybe there was no reason to alter the original plan. Her sister could bring Ranma home and be introduced as his one true fiancee. “What do you think Ranma?”

Ranma finally got up from her meditating position. She walked over to Koneko and messed up her hair. “I guess it will suck not having my favorite little sister there, but hey I get it, training is important. I’m pretty sure she’ll be pretty good at monopolizing my time so maybe the others need a fair shot.”


Soun got of the phone with Nodoka. Genma demanded the return to the Tendo compound first before going to see his wife, something about having an important artifact in his bag that he had to have with him. What was odd was that Nodoka agreed Genma probably should bring it with him. Neither of them would tell him what it was. “Genma, lets head back to my place.”

“Yes lets.” If his old friend was right and Nodoka didn’t want to kill him…, then she might want him to fulfill his duties that he had put off for so long. He need to make sure the statue of the Infertility goddess watched over them. He did not need anymore children.


Koneko came out of the changing room surprised to see Nabiki was still hanging out in the dojo. Since she was still in her school uniform she wasn’t there to train. Well since Nabiki was there she might as well find out if she needed to worry about her own issues again. “You said Kuno fought Akane, he’s not a guy again is he?”

“No he didn’t change back.” Nabiki was surprised. She had hoped Ranma’s sister would bring up Kuno, but she wasn’t expecting her to have such a happy face that Kuno was still a girl. Taki complained how much of a pain Koneko was and how much she crushed on her while she was still a he. “You don’t want Kuno to be a guy?”

"Of course not. I didn't fall for him of my own free will, there was a stupid magic pill involved." In hind site it was dumb of her to put the piece of the bracelet in her mouth, just to see if it was a tiny pearl. Because the little twin stormed in to the room she and Naru shared she accidently swallowed it. "We found out after what I accidently swallowed a pill that make me be in love with Kuno for my life time. Kuno turning into a girl was the best thing that ever happened because apparently the pill doesn't work for same sex relations. We're still trying to find a cure."

So if she liked Kuno, Koneko wouldn't me a rival. Now she need to decide what her feelings were. Nabiki sighed. How did she fall for Kuno of all people?


As they walked to her home things were a little too quiet. She wasn't sure what to talk about. Ranma worried talking about their relationship might cause trouble because of all the other fiancees he had. Maybe he should talk about his siter's. "Is Kaoru, Koneko's boyfriend?"

"Ran... Usagi, Kaoru is a girl, she's my cousin and Koneko's best friend." Akane sighed she got what Ranma was doing, but she didn't quite think she had a clue how to do it.

"Sorry, with one exception most of the Kaorus I know are guys, so I just assumed." Normally she wasn't so quick to jump to the wrong conclusions. She knew Kaoru could be a girl's name, but it in her experience it was more common to be a guys name. Now that she thought about it, didn't the one female Kaoru she knew kind of look like Akane? "Your cousin doesn't have brown hair like Kasumi and green eyes, does she?"
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