Well. Never think i would say this...

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Okay. So, things were going fine. Just frikkin' fine. But somehow life has turned around and decided to kick me in the flank. Can't say i like that. No, not at all. Well, atleast i hope that things are gonna light up later on. But right now, it feels like the whole forum is against me. No seriously. It feels as if everyone turned on a dime and kicked me in the face. Lemme tell ya, it doesn't feel that great, but you all probably already have had that happen to you one time. Well, after living my life in a paradise without limits, i think i'm gonna also, like many others, take a break and help everyone else in my life. I'll be online on Steam, Skype and all that other stuff, but not here. I feel too hated.

Sooo, i'll seeya later, everypony. Hope that when i return, if i return, you wont be such a dreadful place.

And for those that are angry on me for what i did, well: I'm sorry, okay? I can't say it any better. And i'm not that kinda person that wrote long-ass dramatic sorrys anymore.

This has been The Dead Clockmaker. And i'll be back sometime when i feel like coming back or when i feel "complete". This has been fun, and i wish to keep it going.
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