What really grinds my gears

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Rps and time zones. Two things that do not go well together. It can work well if all the rpers are close together and so are able to post at the same time and go to bed around the same time. Though if your the only rper in England while the rest are in America it can get quite annoying. Due to the fact you post a bit on the first day the rp is up but when you go to bed everypony else is 5 hours behind meaning they still post for that 5 hours while I'm sleeping. Which leads to me waking up and seeing the rp I was really looking forward to be in is now 10-20 maybe even 30 pages ahead of where I am at. This means I have to quit the rp and find ones that won't be like that.

From personal experience shows the main GM of rp's ive had this trouble with is NarrowLeaf's rp's (no offense) this shows that they are popular but not very out of US member friendly. One thing that can be done to improve this is if the GM of that roleplay sets a post limit. It may ruin some people's enjoyment but allows members to join that rp if they are far away from there time zone and not just an hour ahead/behind.
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