Where I've been...

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Yes, I've been working and being in some turmoil recently but I have still been trying to write stuff. I've been trying to write reviews.

The issue is that I was trying to get them published off this site. I asked if I could write for another site and get stuff up and they'd agree to pay for whatever I sent them. Neat, I thought, I could spread myself out and get some money. It wouldn't mean that I'd stop posting things here. Instead, I'd have posted a link to the article I'd written, asking for the click and some encouragement. I'd try spreading the Everypony name around along with my own, hopefully getting to make something out of my reviews.

However, I've had a lot of trouble trying to get things vetoed and through to their site. As such, I've given up a little and decided to just pop at least some of the reviews on here. A few are very out of date, such are the issues I've been having trying to submit acceptable material, so might need a touch up here or there. Even so, I'd like to release these things as soon as I can. I've been way to quiet on this site for far too long.

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