Why i cannot tell you what a Clockmaker is.

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Okay, so some of you won't know what this is about, while some will know why i'm talking about this almost practically useless fact.

The Clockmakers. The ones that i percieve as The Creators of Time and therefore Keepers of it, too. I've heard numerous people, all asking me "What is a Clockmaker exactly? I mean, if everything you name is a being or a creature, then what's a Clockmaker?" Each time someone have asked this kind of question about them, i either leave or go silent, mostly preferring the latter. Why? Because, i cannot simply tell you what a Clockmaker is, because i don't have the necessary intelligence to know what's inside the crystallite bodies that they use.

"But, if you don't know what's inside them, how could you think them up in the first place?" Because, it's a bloody NAME. When i make a creature, i first think the name up. Now, the fact that the name is a title from a music video isn't relevant. That was because i simply were out of ideas. Anywho, i think the name up, in which i then used because it's a bloody awesome name, then i come up with how their bodies are shaped along with facial structures and similar things. Then, i come up with what the eat along with all that not really necessary stuff.

But a Clockmaker is a spiritual creature, not a biological or mechanical. That's why they use the crystallite bodies, because they cannot interact with physical objects.

Now, that still leaves us with the question: What's inside those shells that the Clockmakers possess? What do the Clockmakers fill them up with to be able to move around and control them like they do? Well, there's a simple answer for that, and it relates to the first explosion to ever happen in our universe: The Big Bang. They always picture the time before the Big Bang as completely empty, which i do to, but what differs is the white ball in that emptiness. That's where our stories separate.

Now, what do i have instead of the ball? Well, there's this place called The Tower, and BOOM, there you go.

But that's not relevant. What's relevant is what was inside that ball. THAT is what's the Clockmakers use to fill up the empty shells of Crystallite to possess them. And because currently no sentient species of our intelligence level or higher that we have found yet has the information of what was inside that ball, we may only wait to find out what the Clockmakers are made out of.

This has been The Clockmaker, and i'm signing out for today. Next time we'll talk about the group that is currently saving the world from eternal darkness and such - The Warriors of Time.
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