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  1. Okay, so. Today, i'm going to do something different. I'm going to express my thoughts on something. What is this something, you wonder? Well, the subject is: Love.

    And now you're like "OOOHHH, He's gonna talk about love and how beautiful it is and everything and how he's found his one special somepony!!" Hahah- NO. I'm going to talk about how it's indirectly ruined my life and why i think it's such a crappy idea in the first place. A mistake of nature, i guess.

    Anywho, i've always walked around, looking at chicks. You know, normal crap. A girl walks up to me and says hi, i say hai back. After that, we chat a bit and stuff but it doesn't escalate more than that. Why? Because, i don't allow it to escalate. But, in the end of the day, i've gotten a new friend among the thousands of other friends i have.

    Now, why don't i make it bigger than a friendship? Because, i follow a simple rule. Never get into a relationship, it will ruin your life in the long run. Also, i haven't found anyone who causes me to have all these bucking symptoms like... i dunno, can't come up with anything, but the reason is, i don't feel anything towards anyone, even if i do look like it. I can be the sweetest guy you know, you can think "He's gonna be my boyfriend one day." Well, to tell ya the truth, i'm not because i don't have any feelings towards you.

    Now, i was with a chick for some time. So don't go telling me i hate it 'cus i haven't had the real thing, 'cus i have. Didn't feel anymore happy or sadder through it. I didn't feel anything special. Actually, i felt depressed 'cus i knew it was gonna end someday.

    So, all of ya'll can go on with your lives, trying to find that special someone in your quest to find a life that fits ya and nevermind me, 'cus i'm just gonna sit there, waiting for someone to need my help with life. But am i ever gonna find my own? No, i wont. Why? 'Cus i've suppressed the feeling you call "Love" a long time ago. Never had it, never wanted it.

    "A Clockmaker is supposed to live a lonely life, it's their curse." - The Clockmakers Rules.

    Thank you for reading this, and have a good day. I'm The Clockmaker and i'm signing out for todays entry.
  2. Okay. So, things were going fine. Just frikkin' fine. But somehow life has turned around and decided to kick me in the flank. Can't say i like that. No, not at all. Well, atleast i hope that things are gonna light up later on. But right now, it feels like the whole forum is against me. No seriously. It feels as if everyone turned on a dime and kicked me in the face. Lemme tell ya, it doesn't feel that great, but you all probably already have had that happen to you one time. Well, after living my life in a paradise without limits, i think i'm gonna also, like many others, take a break and help everyone else in my life. I'll be online on Steam, Skype and all that other stuff, but not here. I feel too hated.

    Sooo, i'll seeya later, everypony. Hope that when i return, if i return, you wont be such a dreadful place.

    And for those that are angry on me for what i did, well: I'm sorry, okay? I can't say it any better. And i'm not that kinda person that wrote long-ass dramatic sorrys anymore.

    This has been The Dead Clockmaker. And i'll be back sometime when i feel like coming back or when i feel "complete". This has been fun, and i wish to keep it going.
  3. Okay so, today might be a bit... sadder for me. Dunno why, just feel like bursting into tears. Those of you who's seen me on Skype have seen that i've changed name to The Dead Clockmaker. This is because i simply feel down or not great. It's mostly because of a sick or something, but it can also be because i'm sad, angry, or just in a mood that makes me want everyone to just forget about me.

    So, here i stand, telling you the first thing that probably is gonna happen.

    Sadness - Alright, i become sad, that's okay and stuff. Problem is, when i get sad, I GET SAD. I often break down into a weeping ball of metal junk or worse, not accepting anyponys trust or any attempts to cheer me up. Now, you might wanna try to cheer me up, but it probably wont work. Another thing is, that the more people try to cheer me up, the more sad i get when someone drops a rude comment on my sadness. It could even be a joke; but if it's demoralizing or anything similar, i will break down and cry.

    Anger - Now, this doesn't happen often and if it does, is mostly a joke. But if i become seriously angry, expect me to begin trolling the love and tolerance out of everybody. I wont even care if it gets bad and i start hurting somebody emotionally, i will continue on and be rude until they manage to break. The best alternative here is to avoid me until i show some signs of calming down.

    Dead - Okay, you know how i said that i get more sad the more people help me? Well, if it becomes alot of people that tries to cheer me up, then someone bombs it with a rude comment, i go dead. This is the point where i try to talk as little as possible and will mostly stay offline and avoid every single friend i meet. If you message me on Skype, Steam or anything else, i will most likely not answer, instead keeping entirely quiet. But, if you really wanna cheer me up, try to talk to me, try to get through and actually reach me by calling me or something. There's millions of ways to get me out of this state and most of them are relatively easy, and i advise you to try for it's not really healthy for me to stay in this state.

    That's all... thank you guys for, um... caring.
  4. Okay, i have no idea why i made this. It's completely useless, but i guess it's kinda cute, in a way...

    One day i was bored. So what did i do? I made something that would keep me entertained. I didn't know that it would actually become the end of a world.

    So, i took a box. It was made out Vestarite, a material that's impossible to destroy, no matter what you try. Then i put a switch on the top made out of a cooled down Metarite, giving it a very shiny finish. I was done. Here's the machines purpose:

    You flick the switch, it flick it back with a metallic finger. That's everything it does. That's its purpose. It's not technologically advanced, either. It's just a box.

    So, i flicked the switch once to check that it worked. It did. So, i put it on a table in the Terranian dimension. After a while, a Terra came and examined it. He understood and flicked the switch. The box flipped it back. He switched the switch and the box repeated. They continued this for five hours. FIVE HOURS. That's a long time for a Terra. I didn't really expect him to get so pissed, so it was a coincidence when he suddenly drew a pistol and fired a mag into it. But his face when he saw that it hadn't even gotten a scratch was priceless!

    Pissed, the Terra walked away. I thought that would be the end of it when he suddenly came with the military behind him. They all fired mag upon mag against the box. It didn't even vibrate from the explosions. So, how was i supposed to know that when a Terra's pissed, they go to really long heights to destroy what they don't like?

    Now, it stands in the Equestrian Histories about how the Terras was destroyed by a powerful monster. That's not the case. They got destroyed because they tried to destroy that box.

    Now, that tale of attempts spans over a long time, so i'll tell you this: The last thing they used to destroy it, was potentially something that they had in preparation to fight of the monarch of darkness, Simon.

    Now, i lend the box to the chat, in hopes of hillarity and trolling. You may go over and check it out sometime, if it's active.
  5. Well, hello there. Today we're gonna talk about the most important group i have in my arsenal: My warriors. They consist of 6people, equivalent to the main cast. Lemme give you down the summary:

    Locin: The first warrior of Time, and so he's the leader of the group. He's mastered the 7 mighty flames, so he's a fire-wielder. He's not the most dangerous of th group but he can be the most destructive if given the chance. He's normally a funny fellow to talk to, and can take many jokes and laughs. But, when he steps into the chain of battle, he becomes another person. He becomes ruthless, non-caring and doesn't appreciate when someone is a bit weak or stands out of a group in a bad way. He also starts going by the rule that if you can't handle yourself, you won't survive. He's a dangerous man and now he's also after Karl to see what is the deal about Karl.

    Leo: He's the second to join the group, following Locin through their sheer friendship. He's also split into two "sides" of him, the other one gaining sentince and joining the group shortly after. Leo wields the power of electricity, gained by being ubercharged by two medi-guns from both sides at the same time, also causing the split. Leo utilizes the "Good" side of lightning, as marked by the light-blue color on his sparks. He's often healing those that are hurt, mending their wounds with his powers or getting people out of a location where there's gonna be a battle. But he can also deal a good deal of damage with his lightning, so he's not to be underestimated.

    The Bad One: This is the "Bad" side of Leo. Created after the split of Leo, he gained sentience and not long after, mostly when he had demolished two cities by himself, he joined up with Locin and Leo as the third Warrior of Time. He utilizes the "Bad" side of lightning, noted by his red color on his electricity and the increased output he has compared to Leo. He can often be seen terrorizing enemies and gaining benefit out of it, mostly pleasure. He can deal a huge amount of damage, as he's mostly leaned on that benefit. He can use the red lightning to create makeshift blades that cut through pretty much everything, but discharge if the reach a body, incapacitating the touched immediately.

    Jason: Now this is not understandable. Jason is from another Ventos, meaning he's from a world ruled by another type of hierarchy than me. I understand and respect how the Ventos work, but i can't understand why he would come here. I've tried asking him but he never answers. Anywho, Jason was the fourth to join after TBO and he's the most powerful out of everyone. He utilizes a battle-style bent on being as calm as possible in any situation, and when engaged in combat, uses the resting strength from being so calm as an energy source and as different attacks. I don't quite understand it but hey, it works. He's able to, after a few hours of meditating, able to raise a building by a simple punch. But the attacks are delayed and they don't make an effect in the few minutes of attacking. Nevertheless, they are devastating and Jason is a foe one should NEVER underestimate.

    Freedom: This Freedom is a gun-toter. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But, he has so many guns one can only wonder if he ever gets tired of shooting them. I can't say much about him, as he's basically the same as the Freedom on my list, except the background and the fact that he doesn't have a mechanized arm. Freedom was a Lithian marine under the war between the Lithians and The Enemy, but when the war soon ended, he specialized in other things. He joined as the fifth to join after he fought Locin in a supposed-to-be-enemy-battle, but it soon became a friendly battle which ended with a stalemate. Now, whenever Locin and Freedom can, they'll take cheapshots at eachother, calling the battle as always continuing.

    Icy: This is the last on the list, but also a wierd one. Icy's not the same Icy from the list. Infact, he's much more different. His body is composed of a ice that doesn't seem to melt, no matter how hot it is, and it's able to transform in his will. He was a former captain in a ice fortress, but departed for unknown reasons and joined the group when he showed us that he was as strong as Leo. His voice is hollow and it feels transparent, often raspy. But, he's a good friend whenever one needs him, if you can take the chilly climate around him. He's able to form his body and use this skill to create makeshift weapons out of himself and then use it on the enemy. He's also able to fire ice-shards, so be careful, for this is one frozen guy you don't wanna heat up.

    That's all of them. Now you know about 'em, and what they do. Kinda. This is The Clockmaker, and i'm signing out for today. Next time we will look at a new OC of mine: The Hammer. Seeya guys then.
  6. Okay, so some of you won't know what this is about, while some will know why i'm talking about this almost practically useless fact.

    The Clockmakers. The ones that i percieve as The Creators of Time and therefore Keepers of it, too. I've heard numerous people, all asking me "What is a Clockmaker exactly? I mean, if everything you name is a being or a creature, then what's a Clockmaker?" Each time someone have asked this kind of question about them, i either leave or go silent, mostly preferring the latter. Why? Because, i cannot simply tell you what a Clockmaker is, because i don't have the necessary intelligence to know what's inside the crystallite bodies that they use.

    "But, if you don't know what's inside them, how could you think them up in the first place?" Because, it's a bloody NAME. When i make a creature, i first think the name up. Now, the fact that the name is a title from a music video isn't relevant. That was because i simply were out of ideas. Anywho, i think the name up, in which i then used because it's a bloody awesome name, then i come up with how their bodies are shaped along with facial structures and similar things. Then, i come up with what the eat along with all that not really necessary stuff.

    But a Clockmaker is a spiritual creature, not a biological or mechanical. That's why they use the crystallite bodies, because they cannot interact with physical objects.

    Now, that still leaves us with the question: What's inside those shells that the Clockmakers possess? What do the Clockmakers fill them up with to be able to move around and control them like they do? Well, there's a simple answer for that, and it relates to the first explosion to ever happen in our universe: The Big Bang. They always picture the time before the Big Bang as completely empty, which i do to, but what differs is the white ball in that emptiness. That's where our stories separate.

    Now, what do i have instead of the ball? Well, there's this place called The Tower, and BOOM, there you go.

    But that's not relevant. What's relevant is what was inside that ball. THAT is what's the Clockmakers use to fill up the empty shells of Crystallite to possess them. And because currently no sentient species of our intelligence level or higher that we have found yet has the information of what was inside that ball, we may only wait to find out what the Clockmakers are made out of.

    This has been The Clockmaker, and i'm signing out for today. Next time we'll talk about the group that is currently saving the world from eternal darkness and such - The Warriors of Time.
  7. Now, i hope you know about The Clockmaker, because what i'm about to tell you is a tad private. Back in the days, around The Second Clockmaker, there was Nothing. There wasn't even a Void. There was only The Second Clockmaker aaaaand Nothing. Yes, Nothing was a thing back then, don't pretend it's false.

    Anywho, The Second Clockmaker watched out the window one day. He saw Nothing through that window. Looking at Nothing is kinda boring, so he started mixturing elements, just like he had done when he created Time. Except this time, he knew what to mix and what to leave. The first one was basic, Earth along with its ingredients where poured into a bowl, then poured into a flask. As of today, we have no idea what that flask was made of, for it was destroyed in a accident.

    And thus, 1 was created. He was the first, and most basic, out of all the descendants. He created the first basic shapes, such as the circle and rectangle. Very basic but it was necessary.

    Next was 2. He was created through Wind and its necessary elements that followed. 2 could create stuff that could move more than 1s creations, for example: 1s creations can roll, but are very stale and static, while 2s creations could had limbs that could move around on axises and similar things. Although he couldn't create beings with sentient living, it was more of a land where everything had routines.

    3 came next. A combination of Water and a few other elements and boom! You had sentient life. Makes sense in a way. Anywho, 3s creations had sentient life, which he granted to 1s and 2s creations later on. But, 3s life could not evolve, they stayed in their form, not moving on and changing with Time. So he had to make them perfectly self-capable.

    4 well, he made what is known as Humans and Lithians, so on and so forth. Simply told, he made sentient life that changed. This made it all as a game for him; he simply had to create or take a basic form from 1 or 2, and out it in one of his worlds. With Time passing, that being would change and develop, gaining new forms and new resistances. Then he would take a already developed form from 3 and put it in the world, creating a predator or prey for the evolving creature. Then it was to simply wait and see if the evolving creature would survive or perish.

    5 was next. But you probably get the idea. They created life as we know it, so let's go to 10 instead.

    10 was... different. He didn't create anything. He just watched the others create and create, doing nothing but watching. When The Second Clockmaker asked what he was doing, he simpy replied, "Creating is becoming dull. And, where running out of space. My creations require alot of space." And so, he only created a single planet, dead and cold. He was banished for different reasons to a place that was hidden from everything, and put outside the chain of worlds.

    It's now called 103s Prison. And it houses a single, dead and cold prisoner.
  8. Essences. Not like the ones you think i mean, i mean more like spirits. Well, technically they're ghost type of enemies, except you take away the whole, "repeat the same stuff until someone saves your soul and you rest in peace" thing.

    These spirits are completely sentient and independent from everything; that's why they live independently from everypony else. So here's some stats:

    There's a new essence created each hour. Now, you might think that's a problem, but that's where you're wrong. You see, essences wilt out in a special way. They disappear and slowly fade out of existence, mind completely wiped of any memories or functions. It's a harsh way, but it works for them.

    They also, obviously, have no physical form. This can cause problems in dealing with different things, but that also means they cannot be touched by anything physical, like spears or bullets.

    Now, there was one time, about 2000 years ago, that a essence took a physical form. He stayed in that form until he passed away, destroying the body he had possessed with him. Now, they're working on a machine that can merge essences with a physical form rather easily, except from the fact that it takes alot of energy to do it.

    The essences currently live today in a crystal dome way, way out in the desert, about 15 miles from Appleloosa. It's possible for anypony to visit them, but it's highly discouraged among the locals as they believe that it's too far away in the desert. Inside this crystal dome, however, lives a bustling city that's run by the essences. There's no current leader of them, but they do have a council that can decide about some things. This council contains some of the oldest of all the old essences. Lemme explain:

    A normal essences lifespan, and i'm going off human years, is about 250 years old! But the strong can go to over 500 years. The oldest essence alive today is the essence of Time, which is still going from the point where Time started, and that's old. The fact that makes it different is that it's static, and can only talk and think but it cannot move, making it static. The oldest mobile essence lived for a 1000 years! Now that's how you cling on to life.

    Some old records say that essences are the remnants of a great nation that fell. Most ponies think that's rubbish, but nopony knows if the records speak the truth. The essences themselves are a rather small empire, but have enough power to to defend themselves.

    The essences will continue to live their lives as ever, but the day when a essence goes physical, they'll regain the power to become that spiraling empire once more. Who knows; maybe they'll attain some friends along the way. But one thing is for sure: They're powerful and they don't care about weapons.

    I'm The Clockmaker, and i'm signing out for today. Next time i'll talk to you about Lithians, i'll see you then.
  9. Alright, so. Here is some quotes i think could be used to be stupidly epic. So, here we go:

    "One thing about me you can always understand: You will never understand me, yes?" Max. Thought it was Karl? Nope.avi.

    "The world is very strange, infact the whole universe is very strange indeed: You see, you can understand it, and yet... you can't." The 12th Clockmaker.

    "Different things interest different people. That's how mankind works, and that's how it will always work." Karl.

    "If you're reading this letter than i've probably changed, if not then get out! Anyways, i changed myself to escape from the world. I guess my doppleganger doesn't understand that, so keep him away from discovering the personality changer. Otherwise, let him go. There's nothing you can do for him now. He's lost in my world, and he's not coming back." Karl. Foreshadowing. 'Nother version can be found at the QQ thread.

    "He's still in there, i know it. I can feel it. But he doesn't let us draw him out again." Azure. When Karl had changed.

    "Wonderful things can come out of small beginnings. Know that and you could take over the world! Figuratively speaking." A planned OC.

    There you have it, people. First batch of quotes from The Clockmaker to you. Let me know what you think. I also have a huge one over at the QQ thread, tho it isn't from me.

    I hope to see you next time. Until then, i say goodbye.