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  1. so from what I've heard most people favor Luna as do I. This thought is probably way out there and might be too detailed to even happen in the show but I just wanted to share it and see others opinions.

    Celestia gives me a bad vibe. the first season I thought she was wonderful but once Luna returned to being nice my thoughts changed. Celestia has been doing what she needs to do to rule Equestria and she extremely nice. a tad too nice. I feel like shes hiding something. but since shes so nice no one suspects anything. I kind of think shes the evil sister and maybe has been all along. she definitely not in it alone. I feel like Discord is in on it. she wanted him to be trapped again sooo bad and then she brought him to the ponies to teach him to be nice. maybe its part of a plan. oohh and I just thought maybe when they finally open the box they found at the tree of harmony Celestia might try something or it'll reveal something about her and luna.

    like I said those are just some thoughts. probably wont happen but who knows. it'd make a cool story or fan-fic though