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  1. I don't if anyone still remembers this but that Thems Fightin' Herds MLP Fighting game is a 'replacement' of a fan creation called Fighting is Magic.

    I don't hold any resentment about that fanwork being taken down, due to what it entailed. However, while it may of been in good faith, I despise Thems Fightin' Herds for the very fact that it's basically a resurrection of the fighting game fan work they maliciously taken down.

    I maybe the only one that feels this way, but I see it as a middle finger to the fan devs of the original fighting game. And a middle finger to us for supporting 'Fighting is Magic'.

    Basically Hasbro looking at it's fan community and saying "This is how you make a MLP Fighing Game. Now eat it up like the good fans you are." Which I see as scummy. Especially since I don't doubt the original fan creation was taken down on grounds of 'giving the wrong idea to younger children'. Then you go and replace it with Thems Fightin' Herds? Seriously? You're giving me mix messages here Hasbro.

    I maybe alone on this and that is fine. Though I wanted to vent this because I want to go into G5 not angry at Hasbro.

    People are welcome to blast me if they want. I really don't care anymore. *shrug*
  2. For the first time in my life, I find myself in a position where I have a unshakable disappointment in Gamefreak. And I am not sure what to think. It's jarring position I am in and it's honestly scaring me.

    Let me clarify what I mean.

    I've always enjoyed the Pokemon games I've bought. I typically don't buy a Pokemon game if I know I'll not like it. The Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games being a example of games I had no desire to buy. I had no reason to want to retread that territory with new features. There was no need in my mind. I ended up dropping out of playing Pokemon Let's Go because it's a retread of Kanto and it's something where it's was made with accessibility for Pokemon Go players in mind. I accepted that. Pokemon Black and White I lost desire for playing but I did like the story and enjoyed the pokemon within. I was more than willing to watch a playthrough in place of playing it myself.

    But for some reason Pokemon Shield ended up being a outlier for me. It was a game I wanted to get when it was being announced. I saw what Gamefreak was doing and I was excited to try it. But having the game and playing it, I found myself hitting a brick wall that I cannot surmount. I found my desire to play the game just... die. And truthfully, I have been mulling over the reason and there a few factors. Though the big one is that it feels like the game is forcing you to do wild Gigantamax battles to be overpowered for everything. Like, actually playing the game normally is frowned upon. It may not be the case, but it sure feels that way for me. Add the fact that it's far more hand holdy than any Pokemon I've ever played. I've come to expect tutorials in Pokemon games, don't get me wrong. But this felt different. It feels like the game doesn't think I am a experienced player. The open ended map is a nice idea and I enjoy it a lot. But... it does feel like there could be so much more they can do to make it so much better. Having a mix of random encounters and visible Pokemon you can out right to avoid if you wish, is a step in the right direction. Plus letting trainers explore and face stronger pokemon early is a good way to teach where it's safe to be and not be to train. But more could be done to make that more refined. Maybe add more reasons to explore far more dangerous areas. Or make a story path that has to traversing a rough area. IDK. I am not all that creative.

    I know I sound wishy-washy about this... but that's due to me feeling unsure of myself the first time. I really don't know what to think or how to feel. But I do know that I, for once, have no desire to continue my run of Pokemon Shield. I had hopes that it would be good. I wanted to believe the new stuff Gamefreak added would work on some level, even if they are not great. But I just don't see it, now that I have experienced it. I am honestly beginning to see why a lot of pokemon fans that *squee!* on Pokemon Sword and Shield so hard felt the way they did. But at the same time, I refuse to insult anyone or even discourage people from playing them, if they like them. I'd rather sit and let this pass me by and let those who enjoy Pokemon Sword and Shield, enjoy it. I don't want to play Shield. I don't want to see a playthrough. I just want to let it go and move on, like I did with the Pokemon games I didn't buy due to having no interest.

    In conclusion. As much as I hate to say it. Gamefreak. You *squee!*ed up.

    Anyway. That's my thoughts on this and I am happy to get it off my chest.
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  3. I have found myself wonder WTF is going on with the Pokemon fandom. It's gotten so divided now in opinions that you either support Gamefreak or you are Gamefreak hater. This whole war over ideals isn't anything new, but it's seemingly reached it's apex with Pokemon Sword/Shield now being a thing.

    The things I've noticed is that the side that hates what Gamefreak is doing to Pokemon, argues all the of things that old Pokemon games had that recent generations no longer have. And how recent generations are horrible due to this fact. Then there are those who blindly worship the ground Gamefreak walks. Thinking all the Pokemon games are flawless. Me personally. I really don't fall into either category. I enjoy the games in the series, but I am not conceded enough to say the games are 'flawless', either. I'll openly admit that each of the Pokemon games have their issues. But I don't let those issues color my opinion of the games.

    Each iteration have new things and have removed things I too have enjoyed before. And it is heartbreaking to not be able to do certain things. However, I see it as Gamefreak playing with ideas. Experimenting with things to see what will stick and what will fall like a sack of goo. Which is why I appreciate when they do mix things up. They add things to a rather stale formula that make the games continuously engaging. I'll admit that games like the remakes of Ruby and Sapphire were not really within my realm of interest, but I'm sure there are those who enjoy those games. There is a market.

    Me personally, I am a MAJOR custom character buff and I was delighted when Pokemon X and Y debuted the custom character feature. Yeah it was limited and unimpressive. But the idea exploded. And it returned somewhat improved in Pokemon Sun and Moon. And now Sword and Shield have improved on it even more.

    Also I see people complaining about the Gigamax Pokemon and the lack of National Dex. For the fore complaint. I can see the idea being a bit jarring. I raised an eyebrow at it when I first saw this feature. But seeing how it works as we got closer to release, I rather like the idea. Plus it looks to be bring back a lot of the lost challenge, recent Pokemon games don't have. As for the latter complaint. I see it as a petty gripe being made by avid Pokemon fans. Don't take this the wrong way, but I see a lack of a National Dex as a good thing. The reason why is because I see Pokemon Sword and Shield as a refresh of the series. I complete mix up from the stale formula of the past. We don't need to have all the old Pokemon and seeing new Pokemon for the game is honestly refreshing. Getting a break from having to face mostly the same Pokemon over and over again. But that's how I see it.

    If you like the ideas or are curious about how it will be, buy it. If you hate every aspect of it, don't buy it. No one is forcing to buy it or to generally think otherwise. Despite what warring fans of the series might say. I am going to personally get Pokemon Shield and enjoy it. Well.. when I have the money to get it. So yeah.
  4. I short while ago back. I'd say the during the very end of last month I had to kick out the 'roommate' living with me. And have him live at his own place in the same apartment complex. He hasn't been exactly been taking it too well and has been wanting to move out soon. Anyway, back to the point. He took his PS4 and Nintendo Switch with him, leaving me with nothing to play. Since I had my money to myself. I figured, *squee!* it, and got myself a X Box One.

    The X Box One I have now has been keeping me entertained for a while and I think I may be getting back into the swing of gaming more often, due to it. I downloaded a digital copy of Oblivion, Borderlands Pre-Sequal, and Borderlands 2. And don't worry, one of my other friends introduced me to the first Borderlands. I managed to get the X Box One version of Fallout 76 from a pawnshop for pretty cheep. Also the X Box One I got was the Halo edition, so I got the Master Chief Collection, which has Halos 1-4 in it. Me and the other friend, who introduced me to Borderlands, played the first Halo with me and we beat it with in a few hours. Mostly because my friend played the original avidly when he was younger.

    So yeah, I've been having fun with Borderlands 2 and I got to try Halo. Also I made a character on 76. The only thing I want to get for now, aside from the upcoming Borderlands 3 in September, is Skyrim. Actually, I just started up Borderlands the Pre-Sequal today and I had a blast popping the heads of Scav with a sniper in Zero Gravity.

  5. For those of you who are wrestling fans and hate the PG era, this will be some serious good news for you. Apparently WWE are now potentially being required to make their content edgier and more adult to help make up for plummeting ratings. Ratings that got so low due to the 11 years of PG Era BS no doubt. Interestingly, with this new shift in mindset coming soon after this years WrestleMania, it also seems that Smackdown has been bought by Fox. To be place in the Friday Night line up to help with their rating as well. If the new edgier era, being speculated about, is true for WWE. This may mean good things for Smackdown and Fox as well.

    Not to mention that since both Raw and Smackdown have different wrestlers for both brands. Fox getting Smackdown for Friday nights, and Raw airing on USA, like usual, could present some new and interesting things happening.

    All information provided in the linked video provided.
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  6. WARNING: This will be some monior spoliers for this game. Do not read if you want to play the game and do not want spoilers!!


    I am going to start with saying that I sincerely am happy to see a Mega Man game that truly returns back to form~

    Mega Man 9 and 10 defiantly were great too, though they felt more like nostalgia pandering to some level. However MM11 plays with a new idea, and puts it to full force~ The very interesting Double Gear concept. You can get a extra boost in power or speed with their respective gears. Or you can get a boost in both and overdrive the gears for the short time. Do keep in mind that you can only use this for a short time before the system overheats. It's kinda like Metroid Prime 3's Hypermode. Be aware that the robot masters will also have a double gear system of their own.

    As for the how the game plays, it looks to play well and has a decent difficulty to it. There are plenty of difficulty levels for players of all stripes. Easy Mode for those who would like to jump into the Mega Man series. Normal for those casual gamers who want a challenge. Hard mode for those who really want a challenge. And Superhero mode for those who want to really test their skills~

    Music is alright, but nothing too special. However there is one robot master stage theme that actually really conveys the wonderful atmosphere of it's stage, and subjectively feels the most like a song to fit the classic series.

    Fuse Man
    I guess it would be too surprising that the electric robot master would have the most electrifying theme. But all jokes aside, this is a really amazing stage theme. The extra euro beat mixing really adds to the upbeat and heart pumping nature of the song~

    Other than that, the one thing many have pointed out is the odd run cycle of Mega Man himself. I mean, it's not something you'd notice unless you really pay attention to it. But that really is the only really huge gripe, other than most of the music not being too amazing. I honestly will agree a lot of the stage themes do feel forgettable. Fuse Man's stage theme being one of those odd rare exceptions. I cannot get that one out of my head~