Blog entries by Birdbirdbirdie

  1. I have my computer back now. They replaced the motherboard, just as I thought. Woop!
  2. Every time I get a new partner, my grandmother feels the need to tell me whether or not she deems them attractive. Thanks, grandma. Who need a Sassy Gay Friend™ when they’ve got you?
  3. My computer is currently being shipped off for reparations. I don't even know what's wrong with it, but I think it might be the motherboard. I couldn't even turn the darned thing on. Luckily I still have the warranty, so at least it will cost me nothing. I don't think it warrants a farewell...
  4. There are spoilers. Everywhere. And heated discussions. And I can't be a part of it because I'm still on season two. Can't watch any further because I always watch it with my mum when I visit her, and having watched further than her would ruin the fun. Why, internet? Why must you torment me so?
  5. I went to the sakura blossom festival (but since this is Denmark, the trees weren't really in bloom), it was sunny as sh*t and I caught myself a boyfriend. Champagne for everyone!