A place where I will be posting things about my own fictional interplanetary empire much like Snow's.
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  1. So I posted this on tumblr already but I thought id post it here to spread to a wider audience and spread the message more, as its pretty important.

    So as it say's we really need to spread this message across the web to inform people that we are not rats for politicians to observe and control. Here is the link to my original tumblr post:
  2. So over the past 2 months I have been working on my own Interplanetary empire. Much like Snow's own creation. So I thought Id share the basics of it by giving you a rundown on the 3 main races of the empire known collectively as the Vanithian Empire or The nine sun Empire. Called these because the ruling and biggest race are the Vanithian's and the Empire stretches across Nine solar systems. They will be listed from the biggest population to smallest:

    Name: Vanithian
    Population: 65 Billion
    Home planet: Vanithia
    most prominent Role/s: Rulers and upper class
    Appearance:usually Tanned Skin with brown hair and dark brown or black eyes. somewhat muscular but not as bulky as the Caligate's. Men usually stand around 6ft2 while women are around 5ft8.

    Name: Caligate
    Population: 53 billion
    Home planet: Legiore
    most prominent Role/s: all parts of the Armed forces
    Appearance:usually Dark skin with Black hair and piericing Green eyes. Extremely muscular so much so they can drag two tanks by the barrel and drag them with ease. Men are around 7ft while women are 6ft8

    Name: Enrudios'
    Population: 31 Billion
    Home planet: Heavilila
    most prominent Role/s: Religious workers
    Appearance:A hard one to describe properly they are a creature made from both crystal and organic tissue. Though the organic tissue can only be found on the hands and feet. They have pure white reptilian eyes.
  3. You may not know this but I am a massive whovian. So much that I have been counting down for 7 hours today up until the premier. To be honest I was not disappointed. The plot was well done and it really drew me in.

    For those who don't know the basic idea of the plot is that their is something evil in the wifi, something that removes your mind and soul from your body and into a data cloud. It always kept me on the edge of my seat from the 1207 phone call to the move in of U.N.I.T on the shard. Though the only things I can say that was bad is the confusing ending with the main villainess after her mind got reverted back and the redesign of the tardis. Which in my opinion should only change per different doctor. Finally did anyone who watched it notice the author of the book if you did then 10 imaginary bowls of fish fingers and custard to you.
  4. Rps and time zones. Two things that do not go well together. It can work well if all the rpers are close together and so are able to post at the same time and go to bed around the same time. Though if your the only rper in England while the rest are in America it can get quite annoying. Due to the fact you post a bit on the first day the rp is up but when you go to bed everypony else is 5 hours behind meaning they still post for that 5 hours while I'm sleeping. Which leads to me waking up and seeing the rp I was really looking forward to be in is now 10-20 maybe even 30 pages ahead of where I am at. This means I have to quit the rp and find ones that won't be like that.

    From personal experience shows the main GM of rp's ive had this trouble with is NarrowLeaf's rp's (no offense) this shows that they are popular but not very out of US member friendly. One thing that can be done to improve this is if the GM of that roleplay sets a post limit. It may ruin some people's enjoyment but allows members to join that rp if they are far away from there time zone and not just an hour ahead/behind.
  5. Well today was the return to school and while we got two results from last terms tests (A in English (speaking and listening) and a C in Re ( christian and muslim views on life after death) I am still dreading the next two weeks for one main reason... MORE TESTS. The tests lined up are officially counting towards my Gcse I'm still dreading it this week I have a German writing exam about a past, present and future trip to the cinema next Monday I have a written chemistry exam. So first two weeks back is not that fun but I could of guessed being in year 10.

    The second topic is that I'm thinking of doing a meet up in Beeston where I live. It's about a ten minute bus journey from Nottingham if you catch the indigo, y36 or 36 and I am thinking if there is enough people try to maybe get someplace to meet (apart from the park or wollaton hall). So if anyones interested I will try to arrange the date of it.

    Also random pictures of me and my room and yes my room is so small I can't fit it all in:
  6. So recently I have been thinking on what lays ahead for me in life and I have come to the decision that I hopefully and will strive to become a Voice actor similar to Tara strong and Andrew Francis who are currently my idols. I have also an idea on where I would hopefully go to after I finished secondary school (in 2014) hopefully i will get into Bramcote Hills sixth form if not hopefully bilborough college. Once I have done that I do not know exactly the university I would like to go but hopefully somewhere near Nottinghamshire. So that is what I have planned my disicions may change over time but right now and at least till mlp:fim ends its last season I will want to be a VA.
  7. I thought I would explain if I am not not as active as I usually am on this forum well the reason is pretty simple... EXAMS. Being in year 10 means that tomorrow (Tuesday 6th November) I have two tests a non-calculator maths Foundation GCSE and a English draft exam on the emotions Romeo and Juliet feel throughout the play. I also have another GCSE test on Thursday (8th November) which is another maths GCSE a foundation calculator test. So I guess ponies will have to wait till thursday afternoon but at least ive got saturday to look forward to and at least I dont have to resit my German writing test about holidays on friday like the rest of my class.

    If your wondering why I'm doing foundation. I believe its just that the teachers just want us to pass as they are only teaching the things that are going to be on it. Also my German teacher (Ms Mcbride) even said that if we didn't get an A on the writing test we would have to resit it so I already know I've got an A in that. Finally I am doing the English baccalaureate which for you that dont know what that is heres a bit of history on it:

    In late 2010, the UK Government introduced a new performance indicator called the English Baccalaureate, which measures the percentage of students in a school who achieve grades A*-C in English, mathematics, two sciences, a foreign language and history or geography at GCSE level. The reason for its introduction was to combat the perceived fall in the number of students studying foreign languages and science. The measure has been included in school league tables since January 2011. This incarnation of the English Baccalaureate is not a standalone qualification in itself, although the Government was considering introducing a certificate for pupils who achieved the required grades.
    In September 2012, UK Education Minister Michael Gove announced that the name "English Baccalureate" would be used for a series of new qualifications designed to replace GCSEs in England, citing dumbing down as one of the motivating factors. The Government stated that it plans for the new qualifications to be more "rigorous", with exams to be taken at the end of the two-year course, rather than biannually as occurs under the modular GCSE system. Chris Keates of union NASUWT criticised the announcement as being "entirely driven by political ideology".