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  1. Let me tell you about the feature that's needed on EveryPony.

    So you create a thread for RP or other reasons,

    Somebody then posts something that you consider off topic to your thread, wouldn't you like the ability to delete or edit that post???

    This is the power of self moderated threads,

    the site still needs admins to control thread content, that they consider hurtful to the site, but the users who post threads have the option to post a self moderated thread, we're they can control replies from other users.

    I took it upon my self to find the needed addon for XenForo forums, though XenForo is now closed I believe, so might be best to upgrade completely.

    here is the addon required so users can create self moderated threads =
  2. Bronycoin logo contest voting is now open,

    No sign up needed