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  1. Well I've been gone from EP for about a week now.......sorry about that everypony, it's kinda been rough lately. My G-pa on my moms side passed away and I had to go to Florida for a funeral.....My G-pa has always been there for me and he's never once forgotten my birthday.....he was more of a father than my step-dad could offense to him and all. sigh* I'm sorry for being out everypony, I'm back now and intend to cheer up ASAP!
  2. Happy Hearts and Hoofs Day Everypony!!!!!!!!!!! I hope all of you find your special somepony today! <3 I may not have one myself but that doesn't mean I don't appreciated the thought of the holiday! /)^3^(\
  3. RP

    So i'm looking for a new, romance/adventure/sad Role Play to join, anyone wanna help me make one? ^^ I have an idea for a set up just need help getting it moving, =3 plz and thank you!
  4. Hi everypony...umm....i'm kinda new here and to this whole online brony forum. I hope i don't mess up anything ^^ hehee. Other that though, i just wanted to let you all know, that bronies are amazing, don't let the talk of a few people get you down when there's billions in this world. I love to study magic (in real life >.>) and I have a job so it might be tricky to post everyday. Hope to make this joining a happy 1 so thx everypony for giving me this chance. <3 bye byez!