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  1. So here comes a rather reluctant emo post from me about my status and loneliness..
    While I am living with my partner, I feel that we are drifting apart, and this is an open relationship, but this and not having a female partner coupled with my assessemnt I have to do for college, I am stressing out like there is no tomorrow [​IMG]
    most of this playlist describes me perfectly

  2. So thanks to a close friend of mine gifting me Undertale on Steam, I was able to start playing it today and I have a few thoughts on it so far.

    Dialogue: I like the dialogue a lot, especially Toriel's dialogue, though I really think that they could have had voice actors do the dialogue instead of just the generic 16 bit blips. With voice acted dialogue, it would have been much better.

    Art/Graphics: I understand this was a indie game and is meant to be minimalist, but I also recon they could have made it it looks like it is from the 80s or 90s. I truly don't understand the appeal of playing games with that sort of graphics in this day and age.

    Characters: TORIEL! That is all, but in all seriousness, I've only come across Flowey and Toriel so far, and so far I absolutely ADORE Toriel!

    Gameplay: The gameplay is simple and fun, something I can see players of all ages enjoying. I also quite like the option of giving an enemy mercy, talking with them or fighting them, it is nice for a change.

    Story: I haven't gotten into the game far enough, but so far the story does interest me. It interested me enough to actually want to play it
  3. I'm so sick of it! I just..grr.. I was a member of a forum called "Red Light Ponyville" and I was a member on there for at least two years now. But over those two years, I had been used and abused by a number of members on there, and even though there's the ignore member function, it doesn't quite work all that well.

    I had been used, abused, lied to, and just plain and simply hurt by females on there, people pretending to be females on there and the males on apart from the few partners I have (including my irl) I am just about to give up on love all together, and even making friends, it almost doesn't seem worth it...