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  1. Today I went to my cousins. We went on her garage and threw Jelly Beans off the roof. It was pretty fun :derpe:
  2. This is my first entry and I didn't know what to write about so I'm writing about the new Star Trek movie! It is the bestest movie EVER! And so, it was the first "Star Trek" movie I ever saw, and I liked it. So... uh are there any other Star Trek geeks out there? There are Star Trek movies on Netflix, so I sorta started those. One of them's beginning was boring so I watched Adventure Time instead.
    This weekend I'm going bowling with one of my friends. Last time we went we got a twenty people free ticket for bowling for two WHOLE HOURS MAN! so she is inviting her friends I met on the internet that she either knows from school or summer camp. And I'm pretty EXCITED! :omg: But there was this really weird machine there, you know where you have to stack the blocks and then after ifg you won you got "unlimited" tries on the Claw, and guess what? After my friend won, it just kept saying in this weird australian accent: "Prize Error" It was so annoying. So we went to the guy at the desk and said: "THAT MACHINE IS BEING RETARDED!" And so we explained to him that Caeley, DID get to the top of the whole game, and for some reason I could tell he just didn't believe us. HE GAVE US 50 CENTS BACK! Caeley was like... :angry: and I was like :pff:. Caeley thought we should get a stuff Animal. And then at the end he understood that we were right and that we were right and put an out of order sign on it. NO PRIZE FOR CAELEY! But I got some really icky fruit snacks from the nice block stacking machine. :derpe:
    Okay, My blog is sorta boring, but my computer is dying so bye!!!!!!!!