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  1. Name: Dipstick
    Gender: Male
    Age Group: 15
    Class: Elementalist

    Health: 100
    Stamina: 100

    Resilience: 5
    Ferocity: 5
    Speed: 5
    Awareness: 5
    Creativity: 5
    Willpower: 8

    Skills: Elemental Enhancement, Flame Bash, Flamethrower

    Inventory/Equipment: Eruption (Two Iron Flails attached at the ends of a long chain)

    Flame Bash
    Type: Active
    Cost: 10 Stamina
    Able to fling his weapon and unleash and blazing strike that may burn the foe, however, it can always burn the user.

    Type: Active
    Cost: 20
    Basic fire spell.

    Dipstick is a rich runnaway from Canterlot and has an uncommon reputation for being the only known Earth Pony Pyromancer. His intentions are for his well-being and he only wants to live a good life. He also has a very bad temper when things don't go his way, but he's a nice guy. Rumors say that the source of his magical power comes from his heart.
  2. We've been conducting more research more research on this matter and have found out about more Projects and Experiments done by the Experimenters. Here's a list of everyone of them.

    Project: Alpha: Extreme Speed and Accelerated Healing
    Project: Beta: Powers of Darkness, Fire, and Ice
    Project: Zeta: Powers of Wind
    Project: Gamma: Resilient Strength
    Project: Delta: Crazed Psychokinesis
    Project: Elision: Copy Cat Powers
    Project: Omega: Unknown
    and Project: Void: Unknown

    The two extra Projects in the list, Delta and Void, are incredibly dangerous and their current locations are unknown. But we've found that Project: Alpha is now Celestia's personal Spell Experimenter, and lives in Ponyville.

    This information is top secret and is only given to those who can be trusted-Destructive 5
  3. You may not understand this at first, so it'll just be something that'll might just amuse you, but I need to get this out.

    DJ Flipside and Puff the Dragon, two of the most famous traveling DJs in Equestria, actually have a very sad and cold past. When they were young Flipside and Puff where Foal-napped by an unknown corporation and were experimented on as bio weapons. Their sister, DJ Fang, was also experimented.

    Flipside and Fang were known as Projects: Beta and Zeta. Puff was just a byproduct. They weren't the only ones experimented at the facility. Projects: Alpha, Gamma, Epsilon, and Omega were also contained and transformed into B.O.W.s (Bio Organic Weapons) .

    Here's a list of their recorded abilities...
    Project: Alpha: Super Speed and Accelerated Healing.
    Project: Beta: Powers of Fire, Ice, and Darkness.
    Project: Zeta: Power of Wind.
    Project: Gamma: Resilient Strength.
    Project: Epsilon: Copycat Powers.
    Project: Omega: Unknown...

    Project: Omega's abilities were too dangerous to figure out, and the current whereabouts of most of them all are still unknown after the breakout. Flipside, Puff, and Fang are known to still be in Ponyville.

    This report is top-secret info that is given to those who can be trusted. - Destructive 5