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  1. Like originally planned, I now have Photoshop requests Open and Available. Here you can request Unique Profile Pictures, Signatures among other things.

    Here is a examples of my work:


    How to get a request done:
    PM me, what you want and be ready to supply me with any images I may need from you personally [these include things like picture of your OCs or anything I couldn't gather or make myself. That are unique to you!]

    How much does it cost:
    It's free! I'm just bored.

    How long will it take to make?

    Usually only a couple of hours but it can vary depending on what you want.

    Best case scenario ~ About 2 - 4 hours.

    Worst case scenario ~ 1 - 2 days.
  2. Yes out of nowhere. The magical disappearing kid with common sense has returned.

    After so long. Finally, I've got my life back on track. And with that, our story begins again.
    Back to chapter 1 we go.

    While I was away, I got some productive things done in my spare time, such as writing a few review scripts and improving my photoshop skills.

    I've also been working on this. Whether or not I'll use it, is still up in the air. But you may have a look if you want. ( )

    But yes, as my life is back on track, I will be starting to use this site again. So get ready for some Common Sense to reappear and slap you across the face.

    ~Carrick Reynolds.
  3. BTW: This is meant to be taken as a Joke obviously, Nothing stated is meant to be taken as a fact or insulting. Don't get your Hair in a twist!

    I mentioned I would do this ages back as a joke, but this is truly a issue I want to highlight, Rex.......
    is the worst thing in the history of any Furry ever.

    First off, he hides his profile from people in fear that they will find out his master plan to turn Everypony on the site into a Furry, and while I can't show you evidence of that, my sources tell me that it's "Reliable" Information gathered by the hacking group known as Anonymous. This is to apparently boost the Convention he runs; sales

    I believe this because he said this a few days before I mentioned I was a Furry.
    Rex is also a very uncreative Furry, like I presume his Profile Picture is his own creation and if so, A Dragon really? A blue one at that, dude how generic can you get?

    But in all serious, Rex is a really nice guy, wait.......I didn't went to type that.......LOL JK PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED, I'M STILL 100% ME AND NOT HACKED BY REX, BEEP BOOP!
  4. What happens when your not paying much attention to the camera and you make a Blog, that will be way different to how you intend it to be in the future, you get this Blog video. Which is more of a Introduction then the start of the Blog.

    I regret not paying attention to the camera it's far too shaky in this, I'll make sure to pay attention next time, OKAY? OKAY!

    But enough talking here is the Video.
  5. Have you ever wanted to hear an Austistic Irish Kid rumble about stuff?,
    why showing you his everyday life?

    Well than what are you doing still reading this?, I don't know either, you do you I guess.

    But yes, either today or tomorrow I will start a Blog just like that, So be hyped, get ready, and Let's have a CRINGE!
    a Rumble of a time.