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  1. I've actually had it for about 2-3 day now, but...
  2. I might have just been promoted to Member.
    It would be really embarrassing if I wasn't a member........
    Things are ok.
    Tea is awesome.
    Cream Cheese is awesome.
    Home Grown Apples are awesome/
  3. What blasphemy is this?!?!

    The night is quiet. A storm rages outside the creaky orphanage. Eluuna, 5 years old, paces in her small room.
    "Calm 'Luna. Only twenty minutes left.." she thinks. Yet, she continues to pace. Back, forth, back..
    At precisely 3:25 am, a small window opens on the side of the building. A filly pegasus stands on the windowsill, trembling in fear.
    "You got this 'Luna. You GOT this." she says to herself. She takes a small breathe and leaps.
    Her wings are instantly soaked. Eluuna flaps her wings as hard as she can. It's not enough. She falls to the ground at an alarming pace. She tries again, and slows a little, but not much.
    One more time. "Come on Eluuna, you can do this." she cries. Her wings pop open, and suddenly, without thinking, her feathers billow up. Like a parachute, the catch the air, and let her drift to the ground.
    She lands gently, and looks up at the open window. Smiling, she scurries into the night.
    It was cold, that first night on her own. She curled up underneath a dumpster. and tucked her wings around her to stay. At least she was dry. She fell into a troubled sleep.
    She woke to the sound of multiple hoofsteps. It was morning, and ponies were walking down the street. She got out from under her dumpster. Her stomach growled.
    Sniffing, she walks over to a tofu dog stand.
    "Kid, whaddaya want?" growled the tofu dog pony.
    "Oh... nothing." murmurs Eluuna, backing away.
    The pony sighs.
    "Come over here sweetie." he says, his voice softer. He hands here a tofu dog.
    "Eat that up, ok?" he says, sending her on her way.

    To Be Continued.
  4. Sooooo, I have read blogs since I first joined. Big whoop.
    However, I decided to write my own.
    Henceforth, I declare the blog
    (Get it? Like glomp/blog? No? OK.... :cry:)

    *coughs awkwardly*
    Oh yeah! Blogging stuff!

    1st. Life is pretty good. EP is swell.
    2nd. MATH SUCKS
    3rd. I really need a new profile picture.
    4th. Here is my blog if it were a place.