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  1. There is a ten-year-old girl whom I am acquainted with who loves My Little Pony almost as much as I do. And I realized that I am jealous that MLP was originally directed towards a younger audience because they make awesome clothing that will never fit me for said audience. :/

    I was kind of disappointed that I didn't get anything pony themed for Christmas but I got a whole bunch of other stuff so it doesn't really matter. I am content with what I got especially since I got some copic markers and art supplies :D I got some money too so I can get it for myself.

    Overall I had a Wonderful Christmastime. <3
  2. If any of you have ever watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you will understand my following rant/discussion with myself.

    In MLP FiM every. single. time. some one says "Spike" my mind immediately says "Spikey-Wikey"......but not because Rarity says it. I say it because in Buffy there is a vampire named Spike who is played by James Marsters and is BEAAAAUUUUTIFULLLLL! *fangirl mode* He is British w/ killer cheekbones. :D And anyway, the fandom commonly calls Spike in Buffy "Spikey-wikey" but I currently forget why. And so instead of an image of a baby dragon I get an image of a vampire.


    Angel, the bunny (SO CUTE), also has a name that coincides with the main Vampire until season four of Buffy named Angel (who is ALSO a dude by the way portrayed by David Boreanaz as I confirmed to myself via Castle-Mania that Angel in MLP FiM is male). And so when I found this out I was......... :omg:............and I was so excited while everybody else was -_- The thing is that the personalities also coincide with eachother (accept a tad more muted w/ adult man train of though) except Angel on MLP is more like Spike on Buffy and Spike on MLP is more like Angel on Buffy....

    Yah, I just felt that that needed to be shared.
  3. It isn't that I don't like school, it just takes out a large chunk of my day that could be used doing fun things. I actually am certain that I will enjoy 3/5 of my classes I currently have.

    I have wondered this: Since in Equestria Girls Twilight was a teenager, does that mean that she is a teenager in Equestria? Are all her friends teenagers. That would make her brother and Princess Cadence like in the age group of their twenties.....maybe. Or perhaps age is not applicable in Equestria like that and it is simply a matter of baby/child/young adult/adult/elders/old.
  4. Apparently my computer thought my blog was boring so it decided to have me have to refresh the page and lose all that I had written. Is there a way to remedy that? I didn't think it was boring. I think the injustice of not being allowed (or rather, able) to watch the new episode is an interesting read.

    *SPOILERS BELOW* (sorry, I am not familiar with how to tag spoilers or whatever)

    Review on the newest episode "Castle-Mania"

    I thought this episode was actually rather funny. It had a "scooby-doo" feel to it. The voice-acting and animation was superb as usual, and what can go wrong w/ a Rainbow Dash vs Applejack theme? Nothing, really. Twilight, though, is kind of....seeming...a little....above it all. Maybe that is a good thing, since she is a "princess" now, taking charge and being responsible and all. Not that she hasn't been all that previously, it just really stuck out to me in this episode. Okay, honestly, every time Fluttershy cries even when we know it is okay, who doesn't want to cry with her. SHE IS SO ADORABLE! And the Pinkie Pie thing, I knew that was coming when she started to play the organ. That was kind of predictable. Also, whenever Rarity gets dirty or messy or sticks in her hair or whatever, I just feel the irresistible urge to clean or brush out those branches immediately. Anyone else? And Angel, ha!, oh Angel.

  5. And when I am almost broke I go out and buy My Little Pony Friendship is Magic uuhh....models. So this Christmas I was really lazy and since my parents nearly demand a Christmas List so I just looked up stuff on amazon and found THE CUTEST THINGS IN THE WORLD:
    And so I got Rainbow Dash and Twilight w/ my own money because I could not wait for more than twenty days for these. I needed them A.S.A.P. Well, need (they haven't come yet). I was really tempted to get Pinkie Pie as well but lo and behold I could not afford her. Wah. :sigh:
    But I am soooooooooooooooo looking forward to them arriving. :D