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  1. y'all got any of them ubhhhh big mac?
  2. We...

    We need to...

    Look we just...

    We just really have to stop capitalism
  3. Recently, I've started to examine my social mannerisms and have come to the conclusion that I have no shame at all. I have said many innappropriate and over the top things, ranging from syringes filled with poo, to long strings of holocaust puns. Afterwards, I'm typically called a psychopath or I'm informed that I went to far.

    Yet I don't care. And I'm perfectly okay with that. The sky is the limit and I've flown past the sky like a rocketman!

    I've forgotten what I was writing about specifically. I think there was a message... Oh yeah: Be sure to drink your ovaltine.

    All aboard the Psycopath Train!
  4. I remember back in January promising myself that I would get more involved in the community.

    Apparently I forgot. For a veeeeery long while.

    Anyhobble, the RP community I've been RPing with has become rather boring for me personally, I think that'll be good inspiration to hop back into this site's RPing community, and hopefully become more of a member of this site as a whole.

    In other news!

    ~I've started a couple pony ask blogs for Firebreeze:

    Ask Firebreeze: Normal Breeze

    Letters from Firebreeze: Breeze in wartime (Not currently started)

    ~I've also been drawing a whole lot, and I think I've been getting a lot better! I've got a lot of practice and learning ahead of me if I wanna get good, though.

    I think that's about it. I guess I haven't gotten any more interesting.

    All aboard the boring train!
  5. Haven't been on if what feels like forever, so I decided to make a blog n' stuff!

    Neat things that have happened recently:
    - I started to teach my self how to draw and I am currently enjoying drawing hoomanz and ponies alike. Plus, now I can draw all my favorite OC ships!
    - Been making better music on mah YouTube

    I also recently aqcuired FLstudio, so that's rad.

    - I finally got an N64 and am enjoying games I wished my childhood was composed of!
    - A blog on tumblr for Firebreeze and his special somepony is currently in the works. So yeah, I'm gonna have lotsa fun with that.

    That's about everything I can think of at the moment, so yeah. See ya.

    All aboard the uninteresting train!
  6. I was sitting on my very interesting green chair when I decided to play some Sonic 2 on the Sega Genesis.

    So I start playing and then I think, 'This is missing something...' so I turned off the lights.

    Instant satisfaction.

    I can't beat that frikken game...

    That is all.

    I'm not interesting.

    Why are you reading my blogs?

    Why am I making them!!!?

    All aboard the retro train.
  7. Yeah... I just got back from camp. I'm exhausted. That is all.

    All aboard the insanity train.