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  1. Hey my lovely ponies! How is everyone doing? I know its been over a year since I have been on here. On one note, I have been working my ass off for that whole time but I decided to leave that job and went another place. Nothing but drama. I believe I wrote about it in another blog. Anyways, the place I went too I found out it was going to be closing. Needless to say, I'm looking for another job, part time tho. ::S:

    I know you guys are probably wondering why only part time for a job. Well the reason is...I'm going back to school to finish my Medical billing cert. I was going to finish it years back but I decided against it. Very lame on my part since it was only 3 more classes. I'm taking two this semester and the last one next semester. So far I have A's in the class. Its only the third week today but one class I already had two quizzes and the other homework. Thinking about it now, I actually have a exam tomorrow. :DFH:

    So, another side note, a little over 5 years with the bf. Still can't get him to go anywhere lol He isn't too happy about me going back to school right now for some reason but I don't care. Next summer I will be working a great job. Which I found out, its a pinning ceremony for anyone in the medical field. :derp: I guess its time for me to start on my work for class.
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  2. Hello my darlings! Ohhh how I missed you! How are you guys? :) I, myself, have been good except for a few things happening. I was in the hospital back in March and now I'm on meds. Blahhh the good thing is I will not be on these long which I'm happy about. I have been working alot still but when I'm home I'm mostly on the xbox. Yeah, I know I should check on here from time to time. If you guys have xbox 1, you should add me and we can chat or play a game together :) drkangel8289 = gt :smile:
  3. So I know it's been a super long time since I've been on but there has been so much going on. For starters, I'm working a lot more. I found something better then where I was before. Get more money, which is a good thing, but I hate my coworkers! It's like never ending with the mistreatment I receive from a certain people. Ugh! Since it's a new year, I'm thinking about going back to school to finish a few classes I need for medical billing. Hopefully I can get some type of financial aid. Once that's all done, I can go work somewhere better than where I am at.

    Secondly, I know in a blog I wrote before I mentioned looking for an apartment. No such luck yet. I'm debating on whether or not I want to stay in Chicago or move away. Of course after I finish getting the medical billing cert. Don't get me wrong I love it here, it's my birthplace, but there is soooo much violence here. Yes I know everywhere I go there will be violence but Chicago is really bad. Certain areas I refuse to go too just because of the crime and drugs.

    Today marks 3 years and 7 months with my bf. I know it's not news worthy lol I'm honestly surprised it's been this long. I swear I think I put him in hell and back like a thousand times. He put up with my little rants which I can be a royal you know what. But in the end, I'm glad I found him. If any of you find someone that will put up with the little things and sometimes the big things, keep them. Hmmm...now only if I can get a ring lol boy have I tried throwing hints. He knows but I'm sure if it's gonna happen he's not going to show any type of emotion till then.

    Anyways, I hope everyone finds something they have been looking for or something surprisingly happens this year. It's a new year, time to start off fresh with a new start. Good luck to everypony! :grin::omg::smile::twi::derp:
  4. So I know I have been gone for a while now. *sad face* But I have been busy with the new company I work for. Also I have been trying to find an apartment for me, my bf and the 6 turtles we have! :) I miss talking to you guys and I will try to come on here. Hopefully you guys haven't missed me already. hehehe Well now that I think about it I have to get ready for work! blah I don't want to go but its money and I definitely need it! Love you guys! TTYS!
  5. So this year I started watching Monster High. I didn't think I would like it but 5 minutes into the first movie I watched I fell in love with it! The new movie that just recently came out it really cute. It's more of a musical one compared to the others. I suggest any of you guys watch it. It's called Boo York Boo York and its on Netflix! Woo hoo!

    Well any of the movies you should watch... All on Netflix!

    oh yea this is one of my fave songs on the movie..

    oh and this one too...
  6. "Lives are lost and born every single day. Each day is important to everyone in a different way. What matters most is how you experience today, here and now. You cherish each and every day."
    ---Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail
  7. MOD

    So lately I've been watching anytime I'm on the laptop a Youtube channel called "YouAlwaysWin." I find it interesting to see that ideas people come up with to use COD Zombies. If anyone noticed I did post one of Mario. There is other things besides the COD Zombies. I would love to be able to play the Mods. Just need a regular computer with a huge hard drive! Well I'll leave the channel here so you guys can check it out and tell me what you think.
  8. I wonder when Pony Convention will be held in Chicago. I see some in states close to me but its not big..I mean if they had one in Chicago, it would be packed! Because you will have people that are in Indiana would come because its not even an hour ride...I just wish they would do one here..We have everything else but not a MLP. :'(

  9. So I'm curious to see if anyone has seen the lost episode of Mickey Mouse. It's dubbed Suicide Mouse due to the ending and what happens to Mickeys face.
  10. So far at the new job, I like it! I mean only 4-5 hours on the floor sampling stuff and the rest is getting the product, paying for it, setting up, tearing it down and cleaning! Today was super easy! I had chocolate milk and ice cream! Only went through, well almost, a gallon of the milk. One of each ice cream (French Vanilla and Caramel Carbiou). It wasn't super busy at all unlike Sams Club. Tomorrow I believe I'm making Virgin Bloody Marys. I don't know how Imma pull that off with people. LOL
  11. I'm excited that tomorrow I will be starting at the new location! WOO HOO! So far all I know is that tomorrow is mostly orientation and maybe there will be an event. Not really sure if there would be one seeing how this weekend is probably all taken. I hope this place will be better than the old location. Friday and Saturday are the main days I will be working. Although I could possibly work one day during the week. I'm so glad I looked on the company site and seen this location!! If I didn't I would be stuck only working one day a freaking week and still looking into other places that don't know how to answer a phone!


  13. Perfect song for the weekend! Ugh I wish I could go out drinking or do anything for that matter. All my friends are being super lame. I guess I could have a drink by myself but ehhh. Hope everyone else has a great weekend!

    Also, I'm glad I'm transferring to a new location for work starting Monday! I'll get more days than this stupid place! That's why I'm glad its FRIDAYYYYYYYY!
  14. Well my mother decided to keep our pug for another week so she can spend time with her. My mother has been working alot so. Oh and guess who has to go with when we have to put our pug down?!? Yup, u got it! I really don't want to go because I know how my mother is going to be once Winky is gone. Its bad enough I'll probably be the same way but I figured I have to be the strong one here.

    On another note, I'm getting a transfer to another location where I would have another day each week at work. Yeah, I only work one day a week which I freaking hate. Don't want to go through the whole b.s thing again. If u read my other blog about work then u know what I'm talking about. I guess an extra two days on my check is better than only 2 days. Bi-weekly checks, thats all I have to say.
  15. So, just curious on what people watch when it comes to anime! I have seen alot of them and recently just started watching Fairy Tail. Geez, the first one I watched was SAILOR MOON! And I can watch it again since its on Hulu! Lets see what else have I seen...hmmm....Naruto (which I'm sad its gonna be over soon), Death note, Is this a zombie, Vampire Knight, Rosario + vampire, DBZ, ummm theres more I just can't think! lol Well if u know any good ones please let me know and I can give them a try once I'm done with Fairy tail.